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Law School Bro Can’t Find Job, So Parents Literally Offer to Pay a Firm to Hire Him

Today in potentially great or horrible parenting: A law school grad in Orange County faces a tough job market¬†that is […]

7 Keys To Dominating Law School Finals

November means that finals are just around the corner, and if you’re a law student, you’re probably dealing with try-hards letting everyone know how much

The 7 People You Meet in Law School

For the sake of our contributor's educational status, this must remain anonymous.

This Lawyer Begged for a Job in Mass Email, Included Pic of Underwear Pose

Gather around the laptop, kids. I have a tale for you.

This Is How to Tell Your Parents You Failed the Bar Exam

The July, 2013 bar exam is around a week and a half away. The 70% of law school grads who will pass the test have

10 Things That Will Happen If You Go To Law School

1. You will get absolutely pummeled by an overzealous professor. Oh, you read? Doesn’t matter. Pennoyer v. Neff is the law school equivalent of getting your

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Go to Law School, By Tucker Max

Editor's Note: The following law school rant by Bro legend Tucker Max was recently published on Huffington Post College. Because there are probably many Bros

Yale Law Student Sends Blistering Open Letter to Classmates, Calls Them ‘Uptight Motherf*ckers’

Law school can be a tough place. You put in long hours studying hopelessly boring material. You're constantly competing against awful classmates. Your whole grade,

The Best Frat House Submission That We Couldn’t Use

We spent the last week or so putting together this extensive list of the best frat palaces in the country, and there's one that didn't