washing machines

The Bros’ Guide to When to Wash Your Shit


When are you supposed to clean a duvet.


How to Never Do Laundry Again


It’s every guy’s least favorite time of the month.

the swoosh

The Swoosh: A tiny, tiny laundry device


One of the most annoying things about laundry is the fact that sometimes, you'll need, say, a pair of clean socks or a few clean towels, but in order to justify the cost, you have to do an entire load.


7 grooming routines women will hate you not doing

By | 9 Comments

You don’t have to label yourself as metrosexual or partake in the Guido-dominated ritual of GTL to get your groom on.


The Whites-Only Laundromat Is Having Some Trouble


Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

World's smallest washing machine

The Scrubba is a useful, portable, washing machine


If you live in a major city, you probably hate laundromats.

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