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Dude’s Crazy Ass Neighbor Completely Melts Down Over Being Filmed—Is The Textbook Definition Of Crazy


The premise is this: guy who lives in an apartment is trying to do his laundry, the dryer makes some wonky noises that scrambles his neighbor's brain turning her into the neighbor from hell, she has an atomic meltdown and threatens to sue over being filmed (legally) and claims to have sued someone before for this and 'they totally lost'.

bro life

I Tried To Use My Dishwasher To Do Laundry, A Total Shit Show Ensued


The air, ripe with trash musk, wafted through my studio apartment.

washing machines

The Bros’ Guide to When to Wash Your Shit


When are you supposed to clean a duvet.


How to Never Do Laundry Again


It’s every guy’s least favorite time of the month.

the swoosh

The Swoosh: A tiny, tiny laundry device


One of the most annoying things about laundry is the fact that sometimes, you'll need, say, a pair of clean socks or a few clean towels, but in order to justify the cost, you have to do an entire load.


7 grooming routines women will hate you not doing

By | 9 Comments

You don’t have to label yourself as metrosexual or partake in the Guido-dominated ritual of GTL to get your groom on.


The Whites-Only Laundromat Is Having Some Trouble


Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

World's smallest washing machine

The Scrubba is a useful, portable, washing machine


If you live in a major city, you probably hate laundromats.

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