key and peele

Key And Peele Take On That One Weird Friend Who Never Laughs Out Loud, You Know The One I’m Talking About


Everyone knows that one person who never laughs, they sort of squirm, move their hands around, snap, whatever.

The Tonight Show

Bradley Cooper And Jimmy Fallon Can’t Stop Laughing At Each Other While Wearing Ridiculous NFL Visors


On Friday night, Bro King and voice of the Philadelphia Eagles Bradley Cooper was on The Tonight Show to promote his very serious Broadway play that opens in November, The Elephant Man.


I Just Watched These 16 People Hysterically Laughing Without Smiling And Now My Life Is Ruined


I don't know why watching people laugh without smiling or moving their faces is so damn unsettling, but it really is.


Watch Denzel Washington Laughing in Movies, Realize He Plays the Same Character ALL THE TIME


Hot inter-office debate of the moment: Does Denzel Washington play practically the same character in every movie.


100 Greatest Maniacal Laughs in Movie History


When you have Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr.


Anderson Cooper Has On-Air Laughing Fit While Explaining Gerard Deparduie’s Urine Incident


Usually the consummate professional, Anderson Cooper hit his breaking point when he had to describe Gerard Deparduie's pissing incident on a French airline.

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