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John Oliver Took a Steaming Dump All Over FIFA Just in Time for the World Cup

Hot take alert.

Stephen Colbert Discovers Chinese Rip-Off of His Show, Reacts Accordingly

If there's one thing Stephen Colbert loves, it's America. If there's a second thing he loves, it's his intellectual property. So he's not just going

Alison Brie Was Hot and Awesome on Letterman Last Night, Discusses Meeting Dude with a Foot Fetish

How amazing is Alison Brie?

Kids Tell Jimmy Kimmel ‘What’s the Difference Between Boys and Girls?’

In a few "Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids" video, Kimmel talks to kids about a hilariously awkward biological subject: How to tell the difference between

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Celebrities to Read Mean Tweets

One of Twitter's greatest utilities, without a doubt, is the ability to rattle off conversational insults in 140 characters or less to celebrities. You couldn't

Bill Cosby Was His Old, Awesome Self On Jimmy Fallon

Comedy legend Bill Cosby was on Jimmy Fallon's show on Friday night, goofing around with The Roots about Philly neighborhoods. It was zippidy zippidy zoop

Fred Armisen Had a Drumoff with Questlove on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote a new season of Portlandia, Fred Armisen and Questlove dueled at the drums. The SNL cast member

Seth Rogen Talked About Smoking Weed on David Letterman

How stoned was Seth Rogen on Late Night with David Letterman last night? "Not very!" F*ck yeah. 

Watch Conan O’Brien Have Fun with the Holidays In Super Slo-Mo

Looking pretty fly in a Christmas sweater, Conan O'Brien filmed a new Super Slow-Mo Moments segment with various Christmas items, including giant candy canes, eggnog,

Johnny Manziel Visited David Letterman, Gave the Top Ten List

Life is so good for Johnny Manziel. He’s got a brand-new Heisman Trophy, a stunningly hot girlfriend and millions waiting for him in the NFL

Bill Murray, Awesome Human, Made Quite the Entrance on Letterman Last Night

Hostage Bill? 

Conan Explains Texting to Your Grandparents

Texting isn't exactly the easiest thing to explain to your grandparents. Think about it: They've lived most of their lives where the only way to

Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon Sing the Ultimate Holiday Medley

Allow Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones to put you in the holiday spirit with an epic holiday medley. Ugly sweaters + Taylor Swift = Awesome. 

Three More Videos from Jimmy Kimmel About the People You Need to UnFriend on Facebook Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the third annual National UnFriend Day, the day you can feel guilt-free about cleansing your Facebook of annoying and unwanted friends. He's been running

Jimmy Kimmel Presents the Facebook Friends You Should UnFriend on National UnFriend Day

This upcoming Saturday, November 17, is the 3rd Annual Celebrate National UnFriend Day, a day I happen to celebrate every day if you clog my

Jimmy Kimmel Asks, ‘How Old Were You When You Lost Your Virginity?’

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Pedestrian Questions' have been unusually good lately. A rip-off of Jay Leno's lame "Jey Walking" segment from back in the day, I consider

Conan’s Handy Guide to State-By-State Election Results

If you were up until 2 in the morning watching election results like me, you're probably pretty sick of hearing about what referendum passed in

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People If They Voted Before Polls Were Even Open

How do people still fall for these stunts? The stoner guy at the 1:18 mark is hilarious.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Featured Many Sandy-Related Bleeps

Always a classic. But with all the craziness this week, the unintentional comedy seemed to take it up a notch. 

Late Night Worlds Collide: Jimmy Kimmel Interviews David Letterman Live from Brooklyn

Confession: I watch a lot of late night television. It's a habit I picked up in high school and just can't kick. Thus, I always enjoy when

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s 80s Instructional Halloween Video

1980s-era corporate safety videos are a good time, so Jimmy Fallon recruited the help of "Video Vision" for this campy-as-hell instructional video on having a

Jimmy Fallon Presents a History Of TV Theme Songs

Jimmy Fallon nails it on the head with this one. And he's completely right: More TV shows need a theme songs. Sure, a jingle eats

Jimmy Fallon Mixes Reggae Music and a Barbershop Quartet

In a classic Late Night moment, Jimmy Fallon managed to combine reggae with a barbershop quartet. If anyone tells you this is a Bob Marley song,

Jon Stewart Skewers CNN, Fox News For Giant SCOTUS Coverage Fails

Yesterday, both CNN and Fox News blew their coverage of the Supreme Court’s crucial ruling on the Affordable Care Act. In doing so, they served

Watch Louis C.K.‘s Hilarious 10-Minute Interview with Jay Leno

"Hilarious" is an adjective that never belongs in the same sentence as the proper noun "Jay Leno." Except when Louie C.K. is his guest. The

Prom Hosted Next to the Adult Film Industry’s Exxoticca Expo, Hilarity Ensues

Whoops. One lucky high schools prom committee did some research before booking a venue in Miami. On Saturday night Miami Beach High School students attended

Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breasts

You’ll remember the confusion over the Jennifer Love Hewitt ads promoting her hand job-centric show “The Client List.” On some billboards and posters,

Bubba Watson Confirms He’s ‘Awesome’ to David Letterman

Masters winner Bubba Watson sat down with David Letterman last night. He was asked to describe his personal golf style. His answer? “Awesome.”