Lockheed ‘Death Ray’ Laser Stops Truck Dead In Its Tracks From Over A Mile Away


There's two things you should know about me: (1) I can bend the fingers on my left hand all the way backwards so that they touch the top of my hand.


A Watch That Shoots Frickin’ Lasers Exists And I Want It Right Now


Patrick Priebe, the man who has brought us Iron Man gauntlets that fire actual rockets, is back with what I consider to be the most practical of all his mad weaponry: a laser-shooting wristwatch.

The Colbert Report

Death Ray Gun-Totting Klan Members Team Up With Barack Obama to Stop Aliens in Stephen Colbert’s ‘Laser Klan’


Sorry for the wordy headline, but it's the only way to accurately describe what occurs in the video below.

special effects

Are you ready for ‘Laser Frasier’?


Kelsey Grammer has been keeping some secrets from humanity.


This is a homemade laser destroying 100 innocent balloons


Every version of the future seems to hold a laser capable of destroying things.

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila has super powers now


This Tila Tequila video doesn't bode well for the future of the human race.

us navy

The U.S. Navy Shot Down a Drone with a Laser Beam, Because Stars Wars Is REAL


Last July, off the coast of California, the Navy successfully shot a small drone out of the sky with a laser cannon on the back of the USS Ponce.


Someone has transformed the NES Zapper into a real laser gun


Now it's time for that dumb ass, giggling dog in Duck Hunt to pay the piper.

world's brightest flashlight

Wicked Lasers: Useless yet awesome


Let's just get this out of the way: there is no practical use for the latest laser from Wicked Lasers.

powerful lasers

9 badass lasers that prove the Death Star isn’t far off


Lasers are like the Swiss Army Knife for people planning to attack the Justice League.

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