lap dances

This Guy’s Face While Ciara Gives Him A Lap Dance During Her Concert Is Straight From My Nightmares


Maybe it’s just because I’m a girl, but this whole thing is kind of grossing me out.

athlete perks

All Blacks Rugby Player Reportedly Got A ‘Lap Dance’ From Flight Attendant On Air New Zealand Flight


We knew being a professional athlete got you all sorts of perks us normal schlubs will never see, but according to one report those perks now allegedly include "lap dances" from flight crew members if you fly Air New Zealand.


Rihanna Pulls Fan On Stage and Gives Him a Lap Dance


Poor guy probably couldn't even enjoy Rihanna giving him the lap dance of his life with all the advanced calculus he was doing in his head.

Tax Exemptions

Strip club claims lap dances are tax exempt


An attorney for an Albany strip joint says that admission fees and lap dances should be freed of state sales taxes under an exemption that applies to "dramatic or musical arts performances.

waffles mcbutter

What’s Worth My Money at a Strip Club?


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