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That Word Women Hate Just Got Added a Bunch of Times to the Oxford English Dictionary

You know the one.

Instantly Become A Fan Of Porter Robinson After Watching This Video Recap

This past October, Porter Robinson threw a free concert at Motiv in Santa Cruz to mark the two year anniversary of his first live show

Dutch Commercial Presents Compelling, NSFW Reason to Learn English

One of the great parts about being an American is that the rest of the world goes out of their way to learn English. This

Porter Robinson Drops Highly Anticipated Video for ‘Language’

The 20-year-old North Carolina native has quickly emerged as one of EDM's hottest talents. This is the long-awaited video for his new banger, "Language," which

Kurt Busch Has a F*cking Problem With F*cking Everything

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch seems like a nice enough guy, but, wow does he ever have a spicy mouth. Here’s audio from his