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Watch Some Asshole Crash His Lamborghini Aventador In London

OK, shame on me: I feel a little bit guilty calling the driver of the Lamborghini Aventador an asshole; he’s not 100% […]

Bro Uses Flames from a Lamborghini Aventador to Roast a Christmas Turkey

Cooking a turkey in the oven? Meh. Deep frying it? Cliche. If you want to truly cook a turkey like an asshole, use the flames

Want to See a Lamborghini Aventador SPLIT IN HALF During a Wreck?

Yeah, us too. And really, why not? 

Lamborghini Aventador vs. F16 Fighting Falcon on a Runway: Who Ya Got?!

Via Danish car magazine Bilmesser comes this pretty badass video pitting a Lamborghini Aventador vs. F16 Fighting Falcon. Not going to spoil it, but there's

How Sick is the $2.75 Million Lamborghini Aventador J?

The Geneva Auto Show is in full-swing right now in Switzerland and we're hoping to have a round-up of the craziest super car reveals later

Robert Gülpen Built This Toy Lamborghini That Costs $4.7 Million Dollars

What I am telling you is that a model of the Lamborghini Aventador costs roughly 12 times more than a real Lamborghini Aventador. Translation: Something

Just Try Not to Slobber All Over Yourself While Watching Top Gear’s Lamborghini Aventador Review

Richard Hammond was the lucky bastard who got to kick the tires on the Lamborghini's latest V-12 masterpiece, The Aventador, for Top Gear.

How Lamborghini Made the 2012 Aventador from Start to Finish

Pretty cool behind the scenes video about all the production that went into the design of the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. We'd love to

Is This an Italian Car Chase Scene From a Bond Movie or a Lamborghini Aventador Commercial?

I'll be the first to admit that I overuse the descriptor "adult entertainment" to describe videos of all sorts of awesome things that aren't exactly