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Notre Dame Lax Bro’s Hype Video Is Disappointingly Light on the Lax

Needs more lax.

Why Lacrosse Isn’t Just a Sport for Rich, White Douchebros Anymore

In New York City, lacrosse isn’t just for prep school brats any more. As anyone who’s paid attention to lacrosse’s […]

Breaking: Lacrosse Players Still Smoke the Most Marijuana Out of All NCAA Athletes

Uh, well... Duh.

Laxer With a Fireball Whiskey Tattoo Should Be Every Bro’s Spirit Animal

Steal this look.

Is Lacrosse the Best Sport to Train You to Become a Navy SEAL?


Woah: A Lacrosse Video Game for Xbox and Playstation is REALLY, REALLY Close to Happening

Last October I wrote about a Kickstarter campaign promising a lacrosse video game for Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

Warrior Lacrosse Made Lacrosse Fans Look Like Sexist Idiots By Tweeting Bad Jokes About Title IX

Warrior Lacrosse put the sport that it makes equipment for back a couple of years last night.

This Is One Weird Ass Ninja-Themed Lacrosse Equipment Commercial

The blending of Asian and American cultures.

Duke Women’s Lacrosse Team Does an Killer Lip-Synch of ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea In an Airport

The Duke women's lacrosse team was recently stuck in Chicago's Midway Airport for a brutal 8 hour layover.

What If a British Soccer Announcer Called a Lacrosse Game?

Absolutely ridiculous. "He helped himself through the back door with a spare key he found in the garden!"

Confessions Of A Collegiate Lacrosse Goalie

1. Waking up with bruises, which is normal when your dad is a functioning alcoholic and wants to wrestle when he gets hopped up on

Check Out This Sick D3 Lacrosse Goal

Here's a sick behind-the-back goal by Rob Palumbo from Arcadia University, in Philadelphia, against Rosemont College.

As Lacrosse Season Heats Up, So Too Do Our Contenders for Lacrosse Goal of the Year

Keep those sick snipes coming, Bros.

UPenn’s Women’s Lacrosse Team Goes Harder Than You Do, Gets Naked While Trashing a Bar

  Way to party, UPenn women’s lacrosse team. On Saturday night a group of 50 people under the UPenn women’s lacrosse […]

Maryland Lacrosse Wore These Awesomely Badass Patriotic Jerseys Today

Maryland's lax team donned American flag-themed gear and jerseys before taking the field against Virginia today.

Lacrosse Announcer Likes Lacrosse, Kanye West

Lax so hard.

It’s Only March, But This is the Best High School Lacrosse Shot of the Season

I know the season has only begun, but check out this nasty over-the-back lacrosse shot.

This Might Be the Most Chill College Lacrosse Hype Video Ever (And Of Course It’s Set to Avicii)

This 2014 lacrosse season hype video is so fucking chill, it gave me chills.

This College Lacrosse 2014 Hype Video Will Get You STOKED TO LAX

Bros: Pull up your mid-calves, groom that lettuce, and crank some O.A.R.: It's college lacrosse season!

Get Hyped For Lax Season With Three Sick Behind-The-Back Goals From Albany’s Miles Thompson (In One Game!)

Poor Jake Gambitsky, Harvard's goalie. He's gonna need to be in therapy for years.

The 10 Lacrosse Bros Everyone Meets in College

Stereotypes exist for a reason: so we can say extremely hateful and ignorant things about large swaths of people. Lacrosse […]

Get Hyped For College Lacrosse Season With This Sick College Lacrosse Hype Video

Oh man, bros. You know what time it is, don’t you? It’s fucking lax season. Fucking face dodges and cradling […]

Here’s a GoPro Video of a Lacrosse Game Set to a Live O.A.R. Show

Because. (Be sure to mute the video on the left, then sit back and enjoy some sick lax and some […]

This Lacrosse Save Is So Good That Even Baseball Players Will Respect Lacrosse For a Tiny Second

Woaaah. Hell of a save here from Tyler Richards of Vancouver Stealth of the National Lacrosse League. His goalie-ing is so damn good that baseball players might

Watch a Lacrosse Player Pull Off a Sick Dunk Goal

Yesterday, Drew Westervelt executed a ridic dunk goal to give the Colorado Mammoths a one-score win over the Vancouver Stealth. These names are incredible. Anyway, take a look:

The 2014 All-Name Lacrosse Team Is Here to Remind You White People Are the Worst

Lax. Lax. 

A Lacrosse Video Game Might Finally Be Happening

Bros have been asking for a companies like EA Sports to make a lacrosse video game for long time. The problem? […]

The NYT Would Like You To Know That Lacrosse Isn’t Just for Rich, White Privileged Kids Anymore

If there’s one New York Times trend story all you lacrosse Bros should read today, it’s the New York Times’ […]

Cornell University Men’s Lacrosse Team Suspended for Hazing

Bad news for Cornell University's men's lacrosse team. After a team hazing incident in early September, Cornell has suspended its entire men’s lacrosse program for the fall, causing

Marquette Lacrosse Bro Allegedly Dropped Acid and Punched a Cop After a Zedd Show

Charley E. Gargano is a Marquette University lacrosse player. He was also just charged with allegedly assaulting an officer after dropping four hits of acid

OTL’s ‘Man In The Red Bandanna,’ The Story Of Boston College Laxer and 9/11 Hero Welles Crowther

This is the story of Welles Crowther, a former Boston College lacrosse player and investment banker who died heroically rescuing others in the South Tower

Rate These ‘Anchorman’-Inspired Lacrosse Uniforms

When it comes to novelty lacrosse uniforms, I think a New Jersey-based appearal company just won the summer lax fashion show at War at the

Do You Want to See a Bench Clearing Lacrosse Brawl?

Based on the number of views this video has, this indoor lacrosse league likely wishes people wanted to go to games see their players play

The Origins of the Phrase ‘Lacrosstitute’ Finally Revealed

The term "lacrosstitute" or its colloquial cousin, "laxitute," has a mysterious etymological origins in Bro culture. Tough the term has exploded

The Best NCAA Lacrosse Goals of 2013

Now that the 2013 NCAA Lacrosse season is in the rearview mirror, let's take a look back and the best goals and danglers from this

This 80-Yard Lacrosse Goal Is Pretty Unreal

With 25 seconds left in 1st half of the 2013 Division 1 VISAA lacrosse tournament, Sam Beazell from St Stephen’s & St Agnes School scored

Watch a Lax Bro Plow Through Defenders Like Mike Alstott, Then Make an Amazing Assist

This clip proves we need more Marshawn Lynchs, Mike Alstotts, and Stacey Macks in the lax game. Watch as Alpharetta, Georgia high school senior Connor Johnson

Archer’s 15 Greatest Sports Moments

Waaaaahooo! No one can pull lax dangles like Sterling Archer. 

Lax Bros Everywhere Are Freaking Out About Matt Gibson’s Stick Tricks Video

Minnesota Swarm's Matt Gibson is a total Bro with an immaculate head of flow. When he's not working on that lettuce, he's crushin' it with

Rutgers Suspends Lacrosse Coach Brian Brecht

Rutgers continued to make headlines for the wrong reasons today as men’s lacrosse coach Brian Brecht was suspended with pay while the administration investigates claims