Why Lacrosse Isn’t Just a Sport for Rich, White Douchebros Anymore


In New York City, lacrosse isn't just for prep school brats any more.

Video games

Woah: A Lacrosse Video Game for Xbox and Playstation is REALLY, REALLY Close to Happening


Last October I wrote about a Kickstarter campaign promising a lacrosse video game for Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

warrior lacrosse

Warrior Lacrosse Made Lacrosse Fans Look Like Sexist Idiots By Tweeting Bad Jokes About Title IX


Warrior Lacrosse put the sport that it makes equipment for back a couple of years last night.

women's lacrosse

Duke Women’s Lacrosse Team Does an Killer Lip-Synch of ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea In an Airport


The Duke women's lacrosse team was recently stuck in Chicago's Midway Airport for a brutal 8 hour layover.