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It’s Only March, But This is the Best High School Lacrosse Shot of the Season

I know the season has only begun, but check out this nasty over-the-back lacrosse shot.

This Lacrosse Save Is So Good That Even Baseball Players Will Respect Lacrosse For a Tiny Second

Woaaah. Hell of a save here from Tyler Richards of Vancouver Stealth of the National Lacrosse League. His goalie-ing is so damn good that baseball players might

Lax Bros Everywhere Are Freaking Out About Matt Gibson’s Stick Tricks Video

Minnesota Swarm's Matt Gibson is a total Bro with an immaculate head of flow. When he's not working on that lettuce, he's crushin' it with

Check Out Syracuse Lacrosse’s ‘Swag Surf’ Celebration After Upsetting Cornell

On Wednesday, Syracuse's lacrosse team upset the No. 2 Cornell, 13-12. The team's redshirts celebrated the victory with what they're calling a "swag surf celebration."