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Kyrie Irving Tries to Break the Ankles of Every Toronto Raptor, Almost Succeeds


Watch Every One of Kyrie Irving’s 31 Points and 14 Assists in Last Night’s All-Star Game

At last night’s All-Star Game, the East and West teams combined for an understated 318 points. (The average NBA over/under […]

Kyrie Irving’s New ‘Uncle Drew’ Commercial Is Suitably Awesome

There's a case to be made that Kyrie Irving's Uncle Drew commercials are firmly in the pantheon, or whatever, of NBA ads—worthy of placement alongside Larry

Kyrie Irving Tells Little Kid He’ll Never Pull a LeBron and Leave Cleveland

Everyone knows promises made to cute little kids form a legal bond. It's now illegal for Kyrie Irving to ever leave Cleveland, Ohio.

Kyrie Irving Dances with South African Students, Continues to Be the Man

Even UNC fans love Kyrie. If you're not on this young guy's bandwagon yet, hop on before his first MVP win (coming as soon as

Kyrie Irving Showed Up to Ball at Montclair State University Yesterday

Kyrie Irving will probably go down as one of the most likeable Duke players ever. Which isn't the highest praise, but think about this: When

Kyrie Irving Breaks Brandon Knight’s Ankles With Impossibly Sick Crossover

Tonight’s BBVA Rising Stars Challenge featured a lot of hard-nosed defense and fundamentally sound basketball. Just kidding. It featured a lot of pizazz and fancy

Kyrie Irving’s Instagram May Have Been Hacked, Features Pic of Two Women Sitting on His Lap

By many measures, Kyrie Irving is one of the luckier 20-year-olds you'll ever meet. The subject of a recent glowing ESPN the Magazine profile that

Kyrie Irving Dressed Up Like an Old Man and Schooled Fools Yet Again

If there’s a better advertising campaign than Pepsi Max’s “Uncle Drew” series, we’re blissfully unaware.

Kyrie Irving Wants to Play Kobe Bryant One-on-One for $50,000

If people keep pulling on your cape, can you really keep calling yourself Superman?

Kyrie Irving is Transformed into an Old Man and Dominates Pick-Up Game

20-year-old Kyrie Irving made most of the NBA look old and slow as they attempted to guard him and was named the NBA

Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Jordan Farmar Knocked Down Game-Winners Last Night

There were three game-winners in NBA action last night, all coming at or near the buzzer. Kyrie Irving went coast-to-coast to help the

Will Duke’s Kyrie Irving Return for the NCAA Tournament? Ask His Father

For any Duke fan who watched North Carolina dismantle the Blue Devils Saturday night en route to the ACC regular season title, there was a