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Klay Thompson Dunked on Kyle Singler, Sent Him Staggering Into Oblivion

Balance is key.

Kyle Singler Just Made One of the NBA’s Best Ever Trick Shot Videos

Kyle Singler won a national championship at Duke and graduated as one of the school's all-time leading scorers, but he's arguably just as well known

VIDEO: Kyle Singler Gets Buckets from Top of Duke Chapel

Last fall, Duke star forward Kyle Singler kicked off the college athlete trick-shot video craze with his "Get Buckets" video, in which he made incredible

VIDEO: Duke’s Kyle Singler Makes Best Assist of the College Basketball Season So Far

I'm allowing myself to post this video of Kyle Singler's incredible falling pass from last night's Duke game against Florida State because: the Blue Devils

VIDEO: Duke’s Kyle Singler Hits Trick Shot From the TV Announcers’ Nest in Cameron Indoor Stadium

Sunday was Duke's first regular season game of the college basketball season, with the Blue Devils dominating Princeton 97-60. I promise you all I won't