Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Unlike You’ve Ever Heard It Before


When I first came across this video and saw 'Nirvana played using computer hard drives' I really didn't think it would be worth my click, holy crap was I wrong.

kurt cobain

The First Trailer For The Forthcoming Kurt Cobain Documentary Just Dropped And I’ve Never Felt So Much Emotion


The first ever authorized documentary of Nirvana guitarist Kurt Kobain just got an official trailer, and if you're a fan of music you better be prepared to get hit with a tidal wave of emotion when watching it.

time travelin teens

Meet The Time-Travelling Teen On Tinder Who Says He’s Met Kurt Cobain


This is the story of a teen who can time travel and met Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain

This Is the Worst Possible Way to Start an Article About Kurt Cobain’s Death


It took two writers to come up with the worst lede you may ever read.

top band frontmen

50 best band frontmen in history


A good frontman (or frontwoman) has to play many roles – part hype-man, part banshee howler, part rally leader, part sex-god – and while some manage to do one or two of those things really, really well, the best of the best manage to do them all.


Virginia Tech Mascot Asks Nirvana, Kurt Cobain to Support Her As Homecoming Queen


A Virginia Tech student who identified herself as the Hokies' mascot recently sent a letter to the record label Sub-Pop, once the Seattle home of grunge bands Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and, of course, Nirvana, with one simple request: Would Nirvana record a Homecoming Message for her school.

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Here’s That Whole ‘Nirvana Reunion’ with Paul McCartney Everyone Was Waiting For


Anyone else watch this entire concert and then hate themselves for it afterward.

Tommy Lee

9 of the most clichéd rock stars ever


You know what the world misses.

Tupac Shakur

9 celebrities who died young (and what they’d be doing now)

By | 20 Comments

People often wonder “What if [insert name of famous person] didn’t die young.

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