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This Is the Worst Possible Way to Start an Article About Kurt Cobain’s Death

It took two writers to come up with the worst lede you may ever read.

Virginia Tech Mascot Asks Nirvana, Kurt Cobain to Support Her As Homecoming Queen

A Virginia Tech student who identified herself as the Hokies' mascot recently sent a letter to the record label Sub-Pop, once the Seattle home of

Here’s That Whole ‘Nirvana Reunion’ with Paul McCartney Everyone Was Waiting For

Anyone else watch this entire concert and then hate themselves for it afterward? Hurricane Sandy may have negatively affected millions, and I'm thrilled this concert

Paul McCartney is Playing Kurt Cobain in the Nirvana Reunion

Paul McCartney is left-handed. Kurt Cobain was left-handed. This is totally going to be a seamless transition.

Russian Subway Performer Sounds Almost Identical to Kurt Cobain

In Russia, Kurt Cobain sounds like you.