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This Korean Baseball Player’s Bat Flip Game Is Obnoxious, Awesome

Hong Sung-heon is the designated hitter for the Doosan Bears in South Korea and probably the world's the foremost authority on how to flip your

Watch a Korean Reporter Get Hit by a Baseball in the Name of Journalism

Short but sweet.

Team Wins Korean Series, Celebrates in Awesome Fashion

This is pretty incredible. When players win the World Series, a full-scale mob immediately forms and the emotion is ratcheted up to 11. Things work

Korean Baseball Player Executes the Greatest Home Run Bat Flip I’ve Ever Seen, Ball Sadly Went Foul

The enjoyment of this gaff is enhanced ten-fold if you imagine that he knew the ball was going foul the entire time.

Korean Taekwondoist Throws One of the Best First Pitches of All Time

We’ve already established that baseball in America is a stuffy old boys club while baseball in Korea is a nonstop jamboree of fun and flair.

Watch PSY Put on a Gangnam Style Concert for 80,000 Fans in Seoul

PSY, who is riding his wave of unexpected success for all it’s worth with  great aplomb, put on a thank-you concert for his fans in

Korea’s Erotic Home Fitness Device Just Blew the Shake Weight’s Mind

F*cking Korea, playing for keeps and sh*t. Never bowing down to the US of A. Not even for the throne of the world's most homoerotic

Guess How this Korean English Teacher Pronounces ‘Coke’?

Perhaps the most epic translation FAIL you'll watch today.