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This Team USA Trainer’s Story About Kobe Bryant’s Insane Work Ethic Might Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

Welp, I've officially hit my quota on Kobe Bryant posts for the month.

Further Proof That Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Are Basically Identical Twins

There will never be another Michael Jordan. Oh, wait, there already is.

Kobe Bryant Does Not Suck at Hitting Softballs

Black Mamba is a terrific name for a softball bat.

Kobe Bryant Takes to Instagram to Shit on Everyone After Gatorade Shit on LeBron James and Powerade

Shit everywhere. Can't keep up.

Kobe Bryant Continues to Troll the Lakers, Says Barack Obama Could Play on This Year’s Team

Kobe... again... Being Kobe.

Kobe Bryant Won’t Talk to Anyone on the Lakers Because They All Suck


Kobe Bryant Once Told Michael Jordan He Would Kick His Ass

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are both competitive to the point of sociopathy. It's endearing. Who else besides these two would have a first meeting

Kobe Bryant is Feeling Well Enough to Go Off the High Dive

I’m not a doctor or anything but it seems like jumping off a 40-foot platform into water wouldn’t be the best way to rehab a

Kobe Bryant is Running on an Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Something tells me Kobe Bryant’s return to the hardwood won’t turn into a Derrick Rose-like saga. Dude is focused.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks NBA Players to Read Mean Tweets

The vast majority of these may be made up by Jimmy Kimmel's staff (we don't have the energy to verify it) but that doesn't make

Kobe Bryant Wants to Show You What His Achilles Surgery Looked Like

Do you think there’s more pressure on Kobe Bryant or more pressure on the surgeon trusted with the highest-scoring ACL in the world? After seeing

Dwight Howard’s Lakers Career Summed Up in 2 Horribly Embarrassing Minutes

Dwight Howard’s time in Los Angeles has been pretty awful for all involved parties. Over the weekend, news emerged that the discontented big man would

Kobe Bryant Live-Tweeted Yesterday’s Game, and Mike D’Antoni Was Less Than Thrilled

Yesterday's Lakers-Spurs game ended with San Antonio taking a 91-79 win. Not many people outside of L.A. and Duncan-Land cared, though, because none other than

Kobe Bryant Posts Emotional Rant on Facebook After His Achilles Injury

The last 24 hours have been wild ride for sports fans; with Tiger's Masters controversy and Kobe Bryant's achillies injury the ride has sort of

Kobe Bryant’s Ankle Looks Pretty Gnarly

Kobe Bryant spent all night watching movies and trying to make his ankle feel better. It still looks pretty gross.

Did Dahntay Jones Injure Kobe Bryant on Purpose?

Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely after severely spraining his ankle late in last night’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Watch Kobe Trick the Entire New Orleans Hornets Team into Defending the Wrong Basket

If you haven't incorporated the Los Angeles Lakers variety hour (AKA SportsCenter) into your morning routine, please direct your attention to the video above. After

Kobe Bryant Finds Fountain of Youth, Dunks on Josh Smith

OK, so let’s not put Kobe Bryant in a nursing home just yet.

Attention: Kobe Bryant is on Twitter (and His First Tweet Is Hilarious)

When Twitter first started a few years ago, one of its first big stars was Shaq. Which is a shame, because Shaq now sucks on

A Bus Ride Bounce for the Ages (GIF), Plus Your Best Links of the Day

All those cool kids in 5th grade, standing up on the bus and going crazy after each and every bounce. Via. Don't Forget to Follow BroBible on

Kobe Bryant on Why the Lakers Aren’t Good: ‘We’re Old as Sh*t’

(Sorry, but that image gets posted with every Lakers story. House rules.)

Terrible Kid in Commercial Chooses Ice Cream over Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi

We all hate this kid. He supposedly has enough sports knowledge to know who these two guys are, but not enough willpower to resist some

Los Angeles Lakers Fire Coach Mike Brown After 1-4 Start

Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown has been fired by the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a report from USA Today. The highly touted team

Kobe Bryant Shows He’s Still Got It, Delivers Vicious Dunk on Antawn Jamison at Practice

Kobe Bryant may not play in the NBA after the 2014 season, but even with retirement in sight (and while playing with a totally reconstructed

‘Funny or Die’ Imagines Awesome ‘Late Night Chat Log’ Between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard

How does Kobe feel about newcomer Dwight Howard, a man who has suddenly vaulted the Lakeshow back into serious contention for the NBA's greatest prize?

Proof That Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Are Cut From the Same Cloth

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery than this video makes the argument that Kobe Bryant's entire career could be seen as a flattering

Sports Links for August 6: The Glenn Gronkowski Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today. 

Tunisian Forward Mohamed Hdidane Had Kobe Bryant Sign His Shoes After Blowout Loss

Tunisia’s basketball team lost to the United States yesterday by the slim margin of 110-63, which isn’t exactly close. But when you realize they were

Sports Links July 16: The Kobe Bryant Retirement Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Kyrie Irving Wants to Play Kobe Bryant One-on-One for $50,000

If people keep pulling on your cape, can you really keep calling yourself Superman?

Start Your Day Off Right with Some USA Basketball Highlights

What Kobe Bryant has referred to as the dreamiest of dream teams got off to a nice start yesterday, walloping the Domincan Republican by a

‘The Kobe That We Used To Know’ (‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ Parody)

Got to say, this was pretty well done. Dude doesn't have the musical chops to hit the high notes on the chorus like Goyte, and

Here Are All the Dunks and Fancy Passes From the NBA All-Star Game

The Western Conference outlasted their Eastern Conference counterparts, 152-149, in last night’s NBA All-Star Game. Kevin Durant took home MVP honors by scoring

Kanye West’s ‘WTF Does That Mean, Kobe Bryant?’ Nike Commercial

You're probably familiar with the "Kobe System" commercials Nike's been rolling out for the past month or so. If not, watch this. The

NBA Players Sound of About Who Would Win in a Game of One-on-One: Kobe or LeBron

Their answers might suprise you. But then again, they might not. 

Crowd Goes Nuts After Kobe Does a Simple Dunk in Manila

Having already embarrassed Bow Wow and showing the world he can still 360 this summer, Kobe Bryant headed to Manilla for a little contractually-obliged exhibition

Bow Wow Challenged Kobe Bryant to a Game of One-on-One, Bets $1000 On It

Bow Wow recently paid a visit to Kobe Bryant’s basketball camp to challenge the Black Mamba to a one-on-one match. He even put $1000 on

Here’s Kobe Bryant Throwing Down a 360 Dunk at Summer Camp

At the end of a session at yesterday's 2011 Kobe Basketball Academy at UC Santa Barbara, the Black Mamba showed the world he

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s Monster Slam on Emeka Okafor in Game Five

Here's Kobe Bryant just posterizing New Orleans Hornets center Emeka Okafor in Game Five. You ask, "But what about the ankle injury Bryant sustained during

Beer is Better Than Water for Hydration, Bald Celebs are Trending, and Philly is Sexually Generous

  Here are your Morning Headlines:   Fitness: Study suggests that beer, not water, will rehydrate you faster after a workout. Also likely to get you drunker. [ABC News] NBA: