old guy knocks out young guy

Drunk 25-Year-Old Tries to Beat Up 44-Year-Old Man on Beach, Guess What Happens Next


The tale of the tape says the young, semi-muscular 25-year-old bro, who is rocking a stars and stripes bathing suit, is going to win this fight.


Hockey Player Attempts Brutal Cheapshot, Only Hurts Himself


A young hockey player who must believe in playing to -- and through the whistle -- suffered a fairly embarrassing injury when his cheap shot was sidestepped.


Cheap Shot or Okay? Man Throws Face Kick Right After Fighters Touch Gloves


Fighters tapping gloves at the start of a bout is a time-honored display of respect.

slow motion

Watch Boxer Giovanni Lorenzo Get His Face Smashed in Slow-Motion


We love a good knockout, but what Fox Sports 1 offered us last night, during this middleweight bout between Danny Jacobs and Giovanni Lorenzo, was a knockout -- courtesy of Lorenzo's face being rearranged -- caught in extreme slow-motion.


Here’s an Brutal MMA Knockout From a Flying Kick


There is no better way to start a Monday morning than by watching someone else’s misery.


This head kick knockout is no joke. No joke at all


In my humble opinion, there are few things quite as impressive in sports as a total knockout.

MMA knockout

Here’s a BRUTAL Head Kick Knockout for Ya


We don't really know the context of this knockout—it may have been filmed somewhere in Russia—but HOLY SHIT, it's good.

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