This ‘Knockout Of The Year’ Was One Of The Loudest, Most Brutal I’ve Ever Heard And Seen


GoFightLive announced their "Knockout of the Year," this week and it was a doozy.

Street fights

Street Fight In Argentina Ends In Quick KO With Monstrous Kick To The Head


We take you to the streets of Argentina for this very brief, but very brutal fight.

superman punch knockout

Drunk Guy Obliterated By Roundhouse And Superman Punch KO


They should have called off this one-sided fight as soon as these two gentlemen stepped into the dirt junkyard ring.


You Can Actually Feel The Pain Of This Spinning Kick K.O. Deep Within Your Loins


If someone were to ask me to pull up a YouTube video to show them the very definition of pain, this spinning kick K.


Here’s Two Bros Knocking Each Other Out With Simultaneous Kicks To The Nuts


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if two dudes knocked each other out at the same time via kicks to the junk.


Watch guy in Cubs mascot costume punch man at bar


Do not remove the head off of the Chicago Cubs mascot.

Maple Leafs fan knocked out

Maple Leafs fan gets KTFO by the ‘mad moped man’


According to the poster of this video, "Here is a Leafs fan getting one punched by 'the mad moped man'.

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