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This Strip Club Bouncer Delivered a Brutal Knockout, Is Finally Going to Jail

One shot and lights-out. What a brutal knockout by the bouncer.

53-Year-Old TKO’s 23-Year-Old in MMA Match

Watch this 53-year-old man lay a beating on a youngster after he shows up to watch a fight and is unexpectedly asked to

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Drive—They Knock Them Out First

This is the best deterrent to stopping your friend from drinking and driving ever.

Start Your Week With Kimbo Slice’s 10-Second Knockout in his Boxing Debut

I understand why Kimbo tried MMA -- he had a better chance of killing someone without thick gloves on -- but he never had the

Dwayne Wade Loses in Knockout to a Kid In Rec-Specs

You know Kurt Rambis is going to fire a huge, gratifying load when he sees this... And yes, I realize it's a "non-story,"