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Another Kid Used a Razor Scooter as a Weapon, This Time the Victim Gets Knocked the Fuck Out

JESUS. Who the hell is upsetting all these scooter owners?

Bro Gets Knocked the F— Out In INSANE Spring Break Beach Fight

Ah, the wonder that is spring break: Sun, sand, beer, hormones... Hotel swimming pools filled with chlamydia.

Can You Believe an MMA Fight Ended With a Dude Getting Kicked in the Head and Knocked Out?

In more primitive times, nomadic societies had only the spoken word to describe great battles of yore. As humans evolved, however, they identified a pressing

Watch Chilling Video of an Inmate Knocking Out a Corrections Officer

Just saw this over on Big Lead and it is BRUTAL. Hope that the officer is alright by now and that the inmate has been

Chilling Video of Teacher Getting Knocked Out By Student While Walking Down the Street in Pittsburgh

I don't know if this type of behavior is the norm in Pittsburgh, but I've never seen a more nonchalant, ho-hum reaction by a group

Watch a Lacrosse Player Get KO’d During a Lax Brawl

We're a little sparse on details at the time, but here's an indoor lacrosse between Ontario's Wallaceburg Red Devils (#21) and the Six Nations Rebels (#22).

Watch Edson Barboza Knock Terry Etim Out Cold with a Spectacular Kick to the Face

While Skip Bayless was watching his Golden Boy tumble from grace to the big, bad Patriots, UFC 142 was going down in Rio.

Watch a Swedish MMA Fighter TKO a Dude With a Somersault Kick

World, meet Swedish MMA fighter Marius Zaromskis. Earlier today he faced another Swede, Bruno Carvalho, in a promo fight in Stockholm. There's only

Watch a Montage of MMA Knock-Outs in Super Slow-Motion

Can you think of a better way to get into the groove than watching a bunch of MMA fighters KO each other in

This 360 Helicopter Backfist KO Combo Is One of the Most Ridiculous Knock-Outs We’ve Ever Seen

Once upon a time I pulled something like this off in Mortal Combat by pressing a bunch of random buttons. But this? A spinning backfist

Drunk Dude Gets Knocked the F-Out at Minnesota’s SoundSet 2011

This past Sunday Atmosphere, Big Boi, De La Soul, Mac Miller, and a bunch of underground Minnesota hip-hop up-and-comers took the stage for the fourth

The Trashiest South Padre Island Spring Break Fight You’ll See Today

I truly regret to say that I've never been to South Padre Island, Texas. From what I've heard and witnessed in many a Girls Gone