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This Old Lady Dancing at Tonight’s Knicks Game Is Just BEGGING to Go Viral

I don't ask for much: a few hot meals a day, decent looking/smelling clothes on my back, an orgasm here and there, 186,000,000 Twitter followers, (help make that

Are the Knicks and Rangers Going to Be Forced to Move to Long Island?

Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena, sits directly atop New York's Penn Station--NYC's biggest transportation hub, indisputable urban eyesore, and location of some

This Terribly Botched Dunk by Dwight Howard Pretty Much Sums Up the Lakers’ Season Thus Far

As in, terribly botched. 

In Honor of the NBA Starting, a Story About the Time Zach Galifianakis Tripped Face at a Knicks Game

The NBA starts this evening! Earlier today The Basketball Jones shared this amusing anecdote from a Nerdiest podcast about the time Zach Galifiankis went to a Knicks

Overlord David Stern Releases NBA 2012-2013 Schedule: Here’s What You Need To Know

This season's NBA schedule has been released. Here are the dates you should be marking on your basketball-crazed calendars:

Here’s How Knicks Players Said Goodbye To Jeremy Lin

Apparently JR Smith, Marcus Camby, and Baron Davis all couldn't be reached for comment. Also, this is obviously a joke. 

Here’s Our Only Jeremy Lin Post of the Day

We almost did it. We almost went an entire day without a Jeremy Lin post. We resisted the urge to mention him when

Mike Tyson Gives Weird Interview During Last Night’s Knicks Game, Says ‘Sh*t’ on Live TV

The FCC just needs to toss "sh*t" into the pile of words you can say on all channels. B*tch, a**, and damn are

Meet the Man Who Knew About Linsanity Before the Rest of Us

Few could have predicted Jeremy Lin's meteoric rise to popularity, both in New York City and across the world. The Harvard-educated point guard, the first

Jeremy Lin Crosses Up John Wall and Throws Down Some Fireworks with Epic Dunk Against the Wizards

Although the Giants just won the Super Bowl, Harvard's Jeremy Lin might just be the most viral sports sensation in New York City

Finally It’s Done: Carmelo is a Knick

Remember last week when Carmelo Anthony was extremely close to becoming a Net, so much so that people like me were writing about the ramifications

Knicks, Lakers Top List of NBA’s Most Valuable Teams

Got a spare $258 million laying around? Want to buy an NBA team? That's how much the Milwaukee Bucks are worth, according to a new