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Italian Cyclist Vicenzo Nibali Was Denied a Kiss in Brutal Fashion

Gretzky is denied. Choked on the open net.

Watch 20 Strangers Make Out for the First Time In a Beautiful Short Film

Not going to lie, this short film might be one of the most beautiful things to ever hit YouTube. Like... American-Beauty-plasty-bag-in-the-wind beautiful.

Did Kate Upon Hate This Kiss on the Cheek from Justin Verlander at Last Night’s Knicks-Magic Game? Why, Yes, She Did

Allow me to play body language expert for a minute… Kate Upton reacts to this kiss from Justin Verlander like […]

Michelle Rodriguez Made Out with Cara Delevinge at Madison Square Garden

As the middling New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons battled it out on the court at Madison Square Garden last night, a more entertaining display

How to Kiss a Woman On the Cheek Without Being Creepy as Hell

It's a skill that's not all that hard, yet very few men can master it. 

Bro Takes Selfies with Couples Making Out In Public

Next time you're making out with someone in public, make sure Drew Phillips isn't around you. He's the man behind the Tumblr WingManning, which is

Bro Asks Random Chicks What Their Excuse Not to Kiss Him Is, Then Makes Out With ALL OF THEM

If this is real then, well, bravo. Even if he struck out 5 times for every one success that is still better than most. 

BYU Bro Does Amazing Card Magic Trick That Involves Kissing College Chicks

YouTube magican Stuart Edge, a BYU student, has a crafty card trick that incorporates magic and kissing college girls. You dog, you. 

Metta World Peace Continues Proud Tradition of Kissing Women During Games

It’s becoming a bit of a habit of Metta World Peace’s to wander into the stands and kiss ladies. A little creepy, right? Well, MWP

The New Years Eve Kiss, As Imagined by Jimmy Tatro

We missed this on Monday because Jimmy uploaded it after we called it a day and yesterday most of us were complete wastes of life...so

The Do’s and Don’t's of Getting That Chick to Suck Face With You When the Ball Drops

There is a lot of pressure put on New Year's Eve. It’s the culminating event of the year celebrated with excessive eating, drinking and spit

Diver Kisses Shark; Shark Kisses Back Using Its Teeth

Hey, it's Shark Week, so this seems appropriate, right? That said, what kind of aderinaline freak do you have to be to find kissing sharks

Fat Redneck Sucks Face With a Reporter On Live TV

News 12 reporter, Kathy Cheek was on the scene of a "big" wrestling event in Greensboro, N.C. There were esteemed wrestling stars such