Check How Many Germs Are Transferred During A Kiss! Actually, Don’t Read This, Because You’ll Never Kiss Again


I mean I know, I KNOW, in the back of my head that kissing is an awesome way to transfer germs from one person to another.

why humans kiss

The science behind why human beings kiss


Have you ever wondered why human beings kiss.


Watch 20 Strangers Make Out for the First Time In a Beautiful Short Film


Not going to lie, this short film might be one of the most beautiful things to ever hit YouTube.

New York Knicks

Michelle Rodriguez Made Out with Cara Delevinge at Madison Square Garden


As the middling New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons battled it out on the court at Madison Square Garden last night, a more entertaining display was happening in the stands.

Life advice

How to Kiss a Woman On the Cheek Without Being Creepy as Hell


It's a skill that's not all that hard, yet very few men can master it.

kissing tips

How to kiss a woman on the cheek without being creepy as hell


A smooth operator knows it's all about restraint and a careful reading of each individual situation.


Apparently everything you know about kissing is completely wrong


Everyone loves making out, regardless of gender, race, whatever.


Bro Takes Selfies with Couples Making Out In Public


Next time you're making out with someone in public, make sure Drew Phillips isn't around you.

trick videos

BYU Bro Does Amazing Card Magic Trick That Involves Kissing College Chicks


YouTube magican Stuart Edge, a BYU student, has a crafty card trick that incorporates magic and kissing college girls.


Metta World Peace Continues Proud Tradition of Kissing Women During Games


It’s becoming a bit of a habit of Metta World Peace’s to wander into the stands and kiss ladies.

parody videos

The New Years Eve Kiss, As Imagined by Jimmy Tatro


We missed this on Monday because Jimmy uploaded it after we called it a day and yesterday most of us were complete wastes of life.

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