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Girl Makes Out With Stranger For The Kiss-Cam After Her Boyfriend Refuses To Kiss Her

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This is easily some of the best kiss-cam theatrics I've ever witnessed.

chicago bulls

Watch A Couple Fight On The ‘Kiss Cam’ At A Bulls Game, Only To Have The Mascot Step In And Steal The Girl Away


There's nothing quite as embarrassing as having an argument with your girlfriend visually broadcast across an entire basketball stadium, then having the Chicago Bulls mascot "Benny the Bull" come along and whap you upside the head and steal your girl away.

kiss cam

The Cleveland Cavaliers Put Kate Upton And Justin Verlander On This Kiss Cam


Now that LeBron James is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, everyone is back on the bandwagon.


Couple Mistakes The ‘Kiss Cam’ For The ‘Pour Beer All Over Each Other Cam’


It's late in 2014 and the Kiss Cam is still a popular part of major sporting events.

Minnesota Gophers

Minnesota Bro Had the Perfect Reaction to Sharing the Kiss Cam With His Sister


We're big fans of the Minnesota hockey program, so any excuse to post content related to the Gophers is a good one.

Minnesota Gopher kiss cam

This Minnesota Kiss Cam got really, really awkward


Here's the exact moment a kiss cam devolved into a PSA for incest.


The Cleveland Cavaliers Busted Out the Ol’ Manti Te’o Kiss Cam Last Night


The Manti Te’o weirdness has unleashed the inner comedian in every single human being on the planet.

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