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Meet The Cuban Version Of Kim Kardashian Whose Butt Is WAY Better Than Kim’s

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Life is full of bullshit and nonsense, but if there’s one thing that we as a society can all count on, it’s that Kim Kardashian has a giant butt.


Florida Prisoner Seeks Restraining Order To Keep Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Out Of His State


Saying that he wants to keep "Meat Whistles" and "Moose Knuckles" out of Florida, prisoner Wayne Albright wants to ban Kanye West and Kim Kardashian "from appearing on any television programs aired in the state of Florida, unless it's Court TV and they're on trial for posing as a famous couple," according to documents obtained by TMZ.


Someone Is Going Around Los Angeles Putting Up ‘No Kardashian Parking Anytime’ Signs


  The Kardashians are the most important American family and, therefore, the muse of many artists who wish to comment on the camera-obsessed clan's place in society.

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New Study Says Guys Prefer Slim Girls Like Taylor Swift Than Curvier Kim Kardashian Types

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Not since Marilyn Monroe's heyday in the 1950's has the American public been so enamored with curvier girls.

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Rob Kardashian Fires Shot At Kim Kardashian, Compares Her To The Psycho Chick From ‘Gone Girl’


Rob Kardashian doesn't seem to be on the best terms with his family, the infamous Kardashian crew.

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Watch North West Get Dragged Through An Airport On A Suitcase And Cry That You’re Too Fat And Old To Do That


In no particular order, I hate: babies, vegetables, traffic on the Capital Beltway and that thing where you’re hungry and sleepy at the same time but don’t know which one to fix first.

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