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Man Claims He’s Allergic to Kim Kardashian, Vomits When He Sees Her

We don't think there's an actual medical reason for this.

Kim Kardashian Got Attacked By an Elephant While Taking a Selfie

This elephant is sick of 2014.

For a Wedding Present, Kanye West Bought Kim Kardashian … 10 Burger King Franchises

It's a fast food romance, apparently

Kim Kardashian In a Bikini Made For a Teenager Is Something Else

That something else being insanely hot.

This Week’s Hottie Index Features Some of Our Favorites

The Hottie Index is here!

Kanye West Allegedly Punches Out Man at Chiropractor’s Office

We have no idea if any of this is true. It all seems too perfect a TMZ story, and the assaulted kid in question comes

Kendall Jenner and Her Ass Photobombed Kim Kardashian’s Latest Ass Selfie

Another day, another photo of Kim Kardashian's dookie maker. Only this time, her much hotter younger sister Kendall Jenner decided to throw her ass into

South Park Makes Fun of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with ‘Bitch You Ain’t No Hobbit’ Song

After a four-year hiatus, recovering gay fish Kanye West was lampooned by South Park once again last night. Fake Kanye West swings by South Park elementry after

Seth Rogen and James Franco Recreated Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ Video and It’s Great

Remember watching Kanye West and Kim Kardashian get all snuggly on a motorcycle last week? Remember thinking how you just couldn’t wait to see James

Kanye West’s New Music Video Includes Naked Kim Kardashian, Visuals Out of Marlboro Commercial

Just a few days after Kanye told a group of Harvard School of Design students that he felt the world can be "saved through design,"

Anastasia Ashley Recreated the Kim Kardashian Selfie

Because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West value their privacy more than anything else, the two participated in some open foreplay via social media

Kim Kardashian Posts a Redonkulous Selfie of Her MILF Booty on Instagram

Damn... DAMN.... DAYYYYYUMN! Kim Kardashian just blasted out her first post-pregnancy swimsuit selfie on Instagram and she's looking.... DAMN. With booty like that, there's no denying Kardashian's MILF-status is

Kanye West Fired Shots Back at Ray J About ‘I Hit It First’

Ohhhhhhhh...... Snap! 

This Might Be the First Cool Thing Kim Kardashian Has Ever Done

I know, I know, I know. The Kardashians are everything wrong with modern society, and the near-universal contempt for the family is completely justified and

The 20 Richest POS’s in Hollywood

In Hollywood, a celebrity's net worth means more than the number of homes they own or the amount of Twitter followers

We Can Only Wish Taylor Swift Tweeted This to Kim Kardashian & Kanye West About Their New Baby Girl

Perhaps you heard the news, but yesterday new mom Kim Kardashian and new dad Kanye West welcomed a baby daughter into the world.

Is Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’ Song About Sloppy Seconds with Kim Kardashian a ‘G-Code Violation’?

In case you missed it, over the weekend Ray J dropped "I Hit It First," a track with lyrics swinging at Kanye West

Listen to a Leak of Ray J’s Diss Song ‘I Hit It First’

He talks about giving her "that really bomb sex." He had her "ass going north and south" but now she's choosen to go "west." He

Ray J Wrote a Song About Kanye West Getting His Sloppy Seconds with Kim Kardashian

It's called "I Hit It First."

J.R. Smith Just BURNED Kris Humphries on Twitter

(Pictured above: The Knicks celebrating J.R. on his burn.)

People Are Celebrating Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy By Watching Her Sex Tape in Record Numbers

For some reason, finding out Kim Kardashian is with child has caused millions of people to watch her banging Ray-J, like, a million years ago.

Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant with Kanye West’s Baby, You Guys

Just in case you haven't heard... Kim Kardashian is knocked up with Kanye West's baby.

Kim Kardashian Looks Surprisingly Smoking in These New Lingerie Pictures

Kim Kardashian is one of the most controversial celebrities out there, but, dammit, when she looks good, she looks good. What are you going to

A New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Allegedly Being Shopped Around For $30 Million

Gossip item of the day! Via The Daily Star, Kim Kardashian allegedly has another sex tape with Ray J, her former sex tape co-star

Kanye West Has a Sex Tape with a Kim Kardashian Doppelganger

In "Clique," Yeezy raps, "Eat breakfast at Gucci/My girl a superstar all from a home movie." Looks like Kanye has a home movie too. 

Need a New Reason to Hate Kim Kardashian? How About Her Comparing Her Divorce to Cancer

Kim Kardashian's publicist must have taken a week off last last week. That's the only excuse for her saying something this stupid. 

Alert: Kim Kardashian’s Dumper Too Big For Kanye-Designed Dresses

I thought having a gigantic ass was her one “talent.”

Kanye West, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled Release Video for “I Wish You Would/Cold”

Filmed a bit like the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan," the video for "I Wish You Would/Cold" is mainly remarkable for actually getting Kim

Ray J Owns Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Take note: This is how you insult someone. It's not about how many words you write. It's all about economy of use. 

Female MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey Wants to Beat the Crap Out of Kim Kardashian

Round of applause for Ronda Rousey, the current female Strikeforce bantamweight champion and ESPN Body Issue cover girl. On the ESPY red carpet the other evening, Rousey

Kanye, Kim Kardashian Are Being Sued for Alleged Ties to Al Qaeda. Actually.

A man by the name of Jonathan Lee Riches--who is incidentally the Guiness Book of World Records holder for the "Most Litiguous Man"--is suing Kanye

Did Kris Jenner Force Kim Kardashian to Make 2 Sex Tapes?

Oh, now this is delightful. Kris Humphries is claiming Kris Jenner, the Kardashian family matriarch, not only instructed her daughter Kim to shoot a sex

This Hot New Kim Kardashian Photoshoot Will Make You Forget How Terrible She Is

She's one of the most widely hatable women in the world, yet there's no denying that Kim Kardashian looks damn good.

Entire Kardashian Family Continues To Be The Worst People Alive

While America gets to worry about the unemployment rate, the Kardashians have to settle for making awful music videos in the Dominican Republic. Our friends

Kris Humphries is a Douchebag That You Want to Kick in the Junk

Since the Kris Humphries fake wedding to Kim Kardashian he has been booed in every NBA arena and people view him as a person who

Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape and Laugh at How She Gives Two-Handed Blow Jobs

Internet gold right here, folks. If they keep making videos these old ladies are going to be the biggest thing to hit the

Wil Wheaton Calls The Kardashians ‘More Depressing than Hitler’ In Epic Rant

Fun time thought exercise! Let's pretend the Mayans were more right about the world ending than, say, Cortez crossing the Atlantic and mercilessly