Two Girls Started A Blog Where They Go Out In Public Recreating Kim And Kanye’s Outfits


Because the world cannot continue spinning unless someone is talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, two super-fans have created 'What Would Yeezus Wear.

wardrobe malfunctions

Kim Kardashian’s Boob Almost Got Loose At Her Birthday Party


Kim Kardashian celebrated her 34th birthday in Las Vegas this past weekend and damn if her one of her boobs didn't almost break free from her dress.

world series

Somehow Barry Bonds’ Smug Face Is The Least Detestable Thing About This Photo


As I'm sure none of you are aware, there's a World Series going on right now in San Francisco.

battle of the butts

Battle Of The Birthday Butts: Kim Kardashian Vs. Amber Rose – Who Ya Got?


Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, in addition to both being connected to Kanye West at one time also share one other thing in common: today is both of the ladies' birthday.

p diddy

P. Diddy Just Threw MAD Shade When Asked Who Had A Better Butt, Jennifer Lopez Or Kim Kardashian


If you had to pick between Jennifer Lopez’s booty or Kim Kardashian’s booty, which would you pick.

kim kardashian attacked

Kim Kardashian Tackled In WILD Assault During Paris Fashion Week: Video


Remember that douchebag, Vitalii Sediuk, who punched Brad Pitt on the Maleficent red carpet.


Kanye West’s Demands For Kim And The Kardashian Crew Are Fit For A King


Kanye West makes outrageous demands on the people closest to him in life.

kanye west

Proof That Kanye West Has Absolutely Zero Use For ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’


Remember how excited we all were just thinking about all the appearances Kanye West would be making on Keeping Up With The Kardashians once he and Kim tied the knot.

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