Kim Jong Un Does Not Know The Difference Between Lobsters And Turtles, But To Be Fair They Both Have Shells So Idk


North Korea is kind of like that weird eccentric family member who’s 5x removed and who your parents refer to as “special” – yeah you find them interesting in a guilty pleasure sort of way, but when faced with the opportunity to go visit them in person you find yourself coming up with any excuse to avoid it.

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Kim Jong-un’s Wild New Haircut Is Looking Fresh As Fuck, Prepare To Bask In His Mad Flow


I don't know what look Kim Jong-un is going for with this badass new over-the-top Fresh Prince-style high-and-tight haircut, but if there's another national leader with more flow than him I'd love to see it.

the interview

Here’s What ‘The Interview’ Would Look Like If It Was Directed By Kim Jong-un


The Interview was a scathing comedy attacking the dictator Kim Jong-un and his ruthless reign over North Korea.

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BREAKING NORTH KOREA NEWS: These Photos Show Kim Jung Un Probably Plucks His Eyebrows Like A Little Bitch


While I try to avoid comparing myself to our very own David Covucci (I mean for fuck's sake he likes Taylor Swift, and I can't be associating myself with someone like that, can I.

saturday night live

Dr. Evil Hijacks SNL To Give Lessons On How To Be Dastardly To Kim Jong-un And Sony


Mike Myers returned to Saturday Night Live and reprised his beloved Dr.


Kim Jong-un Got Photobombed By Two Stuffed Animals Having Butt Sex


North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un was doing his usual thing in late October, taking a little propaganda trip to an orphanage that for some reason doesn't appear to have any kids in it, when his handlers decided to snap a nice little picture.

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So, Kim Jong-un May Be Killing Himself By Eating Too Much Fancy Cheese


Is there any story out of North Korea that you wouldn't believe.

The Interview movie trailer

‘The Interview’ trailer sees Seth Rogen and James Franco trying to kill Kim Jong-Un


Bromance kings Seth Rogen and James Franco are back together once again in a new movie called The Interview in which they, of all things, attempt to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.


These BroBible Readers Think They Found Kim Jong-un Chillin’ In Cabo San Lucas Last Summer


In my five years of working at BroBible, this is probably the best editorial tip from a reader we've ever received.

North Korea

Dennis Rodman Sang a Terrible Rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kim Jong Un


Dennis Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to his BFF and chronic basic human rights abuser Kim Jong Un today.

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