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This ‘Satirical’ Video Of Obama Kicking Kim Jong Un Around Was Enough To Make Kim Jong Demand It Be ‘Taken Down’

Someone doesn't understand how the Internet works.

These BroBible Readers Think They Found Kim Jong-un Chillin’ In Cabo San Lucas Last Summer

In my five years of working at BroBible, this is probably the best editorial tip from a reader we've ever received.

Kim Jong-Un Is Stepping up His Crazy Dictator Game, Forcing All Men to Cut Their Hair Like His

Either he's lost is mind or... no, he's lost his mind.

Every Single North Korean Voter Voted for Kim Jong Un Yesterday


Dennis Rodman Sang a Terrible Rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to his BFF and chronic basic human rights abuser Kim Jong Un today. Thankfully, he resisted the urge to go

Kim Jong Un, BFF of Dennis Rodman, Executed His Uncle By Feeding Him Alive to Starving Dogs

Last month, Kim Jong Un executed his uncle. According to a Chinese newspaper with close ties to the Communist party, it was far more grisly and

Pistachio Commercial Features Dennis Rodman Getting Blown Up by Kim Jong Un

Now just what in the living hell is this? Why would this make anyone want to eat a pistachio?

The Pros and Cons of Being Kim Jong Un

Fun at a tiny, evil dictator's expense. YAY!

The Latest Video from the North Koreans is Predictably Insane

You’re going to want to see the latest from the North Koreans. This is video of Almighty Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un “supervising” a drone attack.

Dennis Rodman Will Return to North Korea to Fix Everything Again

Former basketball great and professional attention-seeker Dennis Rodman attracted some more attention yesterday when he announced plans to return to North Korea in August.

Check Out the Special Edition ‘North Korean NBA Jam’, Starring Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

So get it while you're here, boy. Cause all that earth gon' get all nuked next year, boy. 

U.S. Diplomat Dennis Rodman Is Returning to North Korea to Broker a Peace Deal

Today, the UN unanimously approved a new series of sanctions against North Korea, after the militant country threatened to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the

Wondrous and Universally Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un Named ‘Time Person of Year’

Oh glorious day! On this delightful week, we have seen manifestation of the steadfast will of the Korean people—the country's glorious satellite—enter orbit, where it

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Somehow Manages to Score Hot Wife

It seems that mini-Kim Jong Il has himself a semi-attractive bride, proving that even the dumpiest of us can hit out of our league—provided we