Watch This Little Kid Accidentally Shave His Entire Head And Wind Up Looking Balder Than Mr. Clean


Little kids do little kid shit, and for that I don’t question this kid’s lack of motive for shaving his head at all.


This Kid’s Epic Meltdown After Missing A Putt Puts Tiger Woods’ Tantrums To Shame


Hell hath no fury like a man who's just missed a tap in putt, tack on top of that the terrible twos and you're in for an absolute whirlwind of anger and temper tantrums.


Little Kid’s Dubstep Dance Moves Should Be A Must-Watch For Every Raver


Meet Tegan, the greatest dubstep dancer of his generation.

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Little Kid Absolutely Nails ‘Smooth Criminal’ Dance, Is On His Way To Becoming The Über Bro

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Years from now when this lil bro is standing on a stage as a frat pledge and forced to dance for a room of his peers as part of some charity dance marathon, he'll know he has what it takes.

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This Lil Bro Has So Much Game He Just Called This Chick A ‘Horse’ And Made It Sound Smooth


Some bros are born with an innate ability to smooth-talk any situation they find themselves in, this is one of those bros.


Little Brat Loses Table Tennis Match, Shoves Ref Out Of Chair


An agitated table tennis player took out his frustrations on a peer ref after losing a match and I don't think it'd be an overreaction to ban him from the sport permanently.


You’ve Never Loved Anything As Much As This Child Loves Singing Birthday Cards


Typically I refuse to take dancing advice from an infant, but this kid's got moves.


This Two Year-Old Boy Is The Tiger Woods Of Drumming


Remember that legendary clip of Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball as a toddler.

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