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Remember How Eva Mendes Denied Being Pregnant? Well Eva Mendes Had A Baby Girl Who Would Beg To Differ


A couple months ago we told you how Eva Mendes was supposedly several months pregnant.


Check Out Never Before Seen Footage Of Eminem Rapping As A Kid


Would you look at lil Eminem just rapping up a storm on his way to being the world's greatest blonde rapper.

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Mom Thinks Giving 7-Year-Old A Shot Of Whiskey Was ‘Funny’ But Cops Don’t Agree


Florida mom Patricia Denault poured herself a nice shot of Fireball cinnamon whiskey.


Check Out This Kid Who Literally Takes A Dump On His Dad’s Photo Plans


Babies are no different than college bros -- they sleep crazy hours if they ever sleep at all, they vomit when they drink too much and they have a huge problem keeping their clothes.

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