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Disappointingly, This Whale Did Not Eat This Kid (Video)

More kids should be eaten by whales.

This Little Boy Is SUPER Not Into Having His Warlock Of A Father Steal His Ear

This father is the spawn of some hell demon.

This 13-Year-Old Basketball Player is 7-Foot-4, Still Growing

He is tall.

Aaron Gordon Destroyed a Girl With a Nifty Crossover Dribble

Real fair competition here.

This Video Shows Exactly How Kids Are Total Dickheads And Why You Should Never Have Any

In case you were ever thinking about it, think again.

LeBron James Jr. Caught a Fish, His Family Went Insane

All the excitement.

232 American Kids With Cancer Chant ‘I Believe That We Will Win’

Our X-factor.

Insane Germany Kid at World Cup Has Had WAY Too Much Sugar

Easy, Bro.

You’ll Never Look At Buzz Lightyear The Same After You See This Drawing

I actually had tears from laughing.

VIDEO: Amazing Cat Saves Boy From Attacking Dog

Supercat, protector of the realm.

Little Girl Writes the Cutest Break Up Note You’ll Ever Read

Awwww... Poor guy. Sorry you just got your heart broken, Bro. But she has a point.

Watch SuperDad Sprint to Save His Child From Impending Disaster

Father of the year or hoax of the week.

Worst Person in the World Shoves Scared Kid Off Skate Ramp

How not to get children into skateboarding.

Kid Who Cried Over Steve Smith Got to Meet Steve Smith

Happy ending.

Little Kid Throws Amazing Tantrum Over Foul Ball, Is Rewarded


Father Abandons Child in Pursuit of Spring Training Baseball, Panic and Hilarity Ensue

What's really important in life?

‘The Ice Cream Van’ Is the Perfect Internet Video

This is it. This is the finest we will ever see.

Six-Year-Old Students Caught Acting Out Rape and Drug Scenes From ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Parents of children at the Coed-y-Brain Primary School, in Llanbradach, Caerphilly (dear Lord is Welsh indecipherable), recently received notice from the school […]

VIDEO: Ratchet Toddler Wiles out in Chuck E. Cheese, Spits in Adults’ Faces, Must Be Restrained by Two Guards

This kid. This fucking kid. He defines ratchet. You wanna talk about zero fucks given? It’s this kid. He tramples […]

Dad of the Year Fails to Catch Kid While Sledding, Kid Plows Into Mailbox

This will be your best laugh of the day. Easily. 

Children Re-Enact Richard Sherman’s Interview, Are Our Most Precious Resource

While the masses bemoaned what type of example Richard Sherman was setting for our children with his emotional outburst, actual children recreated it.

This Drunk, Stoned Eight-Year-Old New Zealand Kid Has WAY More Balls Than You

Also, he shouldn't be drinking OR smoking. Let's get that disclaimer out of the way: BroBible does not condone the behaviors in this video and

The Dunk of the Year (Vine Edition)

Never before seen footage from the Chris Paul-Cliff Paul insurance commercial. Or just a couple dudes goofin' around up in their room while mom cooks

Little Kid Finds His Mother’s Gigantic Dildo, Helicopters It,Giggles, Has a Grand Old Time

Kid is absolutely loving life. Just a boy and his mom's dildo. Nothing disturbing about that. Carry on, people. 

Skateboarder Runs Into Child, Gets Punched in Face By Enraged Mother

What kind of skate park is this? It has professionals filming tricks while random kids wander around unsupervised.

Kid Playing Soccer Takes Blistering Ball to Face, Has Little Reaction

Youth soccer is supposed to be a safe place for kids to run around and occasionally kick a ball. Sometimes, though, things get very real

6-Year-Old Baseball Player Makes Incredible Diving Play

The kid’s name is Nathan Lewis and he should retire from competitive baseball right now because nothing in his career will ever compare to this

Little Girl Kicks Fat Boy’s Ass in Best Muay Thai Fight Ever

Here’s a free billion-dollar idea: Pay-per-view child fighting. The possibilities are endless.

An Open Letter to Parents Who Bring Their Kids to Music Festivals

Dear Couple who brought their kids to a Music Festival,

2-Year-Old Girl Sings Near Flawless Rendition of ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town’

I caught this yesterday when Pearl Jam posted it on their Facebook page (because I'm on the edge of my fucking seat waiting for them to

Little Kid Prematurely Ruined by Bipartisanship Refuses to Give President Barack Obama a High-Five

This little guy is wearing sunglasses because his future at Fox News is so bright. Watch him stonewall the leader of the free world on

This 3-Year-Old Knows Everything About the NFL

This kid knows a lot about the NFL and has a terrific accent. He’s going places. At the rate “SportsCenter” is going, Mase here will

Dirk Nowitzki Shows Up at Hospital, Plays Little Kid in Basketball

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki visited a sick child in a hospital recently and gave a pretty thorough lesson in mini-hoop domination in the process.

Cocky 8-Year-Old Girl to Chicago Bears Mascot: ‘Deal With It, Bro!’

The Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears rivalry is no joke. People in that part of the country hate the other team as much as they hate

Mall Santa Tells 3-Year-Old The Toronto Maple Leafs Suck, Is Promptly Fired

You can be a real-life Bad Santa, but there will probably be repercussions.

Little Kid is Astounded by Breasts of Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader

Life’s good for this kid. He looks like that one chubby kid from “Modern Family,” his parents can afford courtside seats, and he’s getting gratuitous

Nothing Spices Up a Bro’s 16th Birthday Party Like a Couple of Strippers

Strippers and 15-year-olds. Sounds like a perfect storm for some premature ejac.

Oklahoma Boy, 5, Forced to Turn Michigan Shirt Inside-Out by School

This is incredibly stupid – and that’s coming from someone genetically compelled to hate the University of Michigan with the passion of a 1,000 suns.

Kids From 1995 Explain Why You Should Get the Internet

Seventeen years ago, the internet was a much simpler place. Kids used it to chat on instant messenger and adults used it to, well, look

Junior Hockey Coach Trips Opposing Player on Purpose, Breaks His Wrist

They take their hockey quite seriously up in Canada. One junior hockey coach, however, really crossed the line when he let his emotions get the