This Kid’s Speech Impediment Has Made Him The Smoothest Talking Ladies Man On The Block

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Before we jump into this kid's awesome mispronunciation, can I stop for a second and note how weird it is that some kid is knocking on a neighbor's door and asking for things, and the neighbor automatically opens the door filming on his iPhone.

instant karma

Rowdy Youths Vandalize Random Cars, Instant Karma Shows Up When They Choose The Wrong Car To Mess With

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Whoever believes there's no justice in the world surely hasn't seen this video yet.


Watch A Pro Wrestler Yank Out His Son’s Loose Tooth Using His Camaro


Pro wrestler Rob Venomous, aka Robert Abercrombie, does things a little differently.

wait what

Second Grader Honoring His Brother With Military Haircut Forced To Shave It Off By School


Seven year-old second grader Adam Stinnett has an older brother who served in Afghanistan, so he decided that he too wanted a "high and tight" haircut.

justin verlander

Little Kid Wearing Justin Verlander Jersey Has No Idea Justin Verlander Is Standing Right Behind Him


This little kid, who is far too young to be ordering coffee from Starbucks, had his life made this morning by Justin Verlander.

march madness 2015

ESPN Had Toddlers Give NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks, Cuteness Ensued


ESPNU killed some time before the NCAA Tournament tips off by putting some sharp-dressed toddlers on television to answer questions about the field of 68.

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