Watch And Weep As You Realize You Will Never Dance As Well As This Eight-Year-Old Kid


Don't feel bad though, it's not like any of your friends can dance this well either.


Watch This Kid Faint Or Maybe Die After Getting On Stage At A Concert Because Either Way You’ll Laugh


I know you’ll be tempted to stop watching this video after you see the kid pass out, but fight that temptation and watch it all the way through.


12 Reasons Living With A Toddler Is Exactly Like Living With A Frat Bro


In my first two years of college, I lived in an all male dorm.


Stranger’s Reactions To A 9-Year-Old Trying To Bum A Light Isn’t What We Were Expecting At All 


In a social experiment conducted by YouTube’s “Whatever” channel (because YouTube is conducting experiments now), 9-year-old Jensen was sent out with a cig in his hand in an attempt to get a smoking stranger to light it for him.


This Video Of Insults A Four-Year-Old Says To Her Mom Makes You Realize You Were 100x Funnier As A Kid


I’m told that children have no filters, and while that little tidbit is undoubtedly true it also means that 50% of the time I’m still a child.

bro kids

Watch A Total Bro Little Boy Shock The Hell Out Of His Dad After Getting His Cast Off


Getting a cast off is a big moment for anyone after all the trouble it causes, but it's even more special when you're a little boy ready to get back to doing all the fun shit little boys do.

weird news

CEO Gets Owned In Letter From Daughter — Feels So Bad He Quits His Job


The head of a $2 trillion dollar investment fund quit his job and it all started with his daughter refusing to brush her teeth.

amazing videos

Toddler Learns Valuable Life Lesson About Arguing With Girls In Greatest Video Ever


I promise you will not watch a better video today on the Internet than this video of two toddlers arguing over the weather.


Watch This Four-Year-Old Hysterically Freak The Hell Out When He Finds Out His Crush Likes Someone Else


Everyone knows that soul-crushing feeling when the person you’re interested in winds up liking someone who isn’t you.

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