dumb crime

This Guy Kidnapped Himself So He Could Extort $450 From His Wife Because He Was Mad She Earned More Money Than Him


In my ideal world I’m hitched by the time I’m 27 and my husband makes enough money that I can sit around at home playing video games and spend my days dicking around doing whatever.


Two Dudes Fake Kidnapping For Ransom To Go On One Final Bender Before Heading Back To Rehab


So you're heading back to rehab to get help for your addictions but want to go on one last blowout of a bender, what do you do.


Man fakes own kidnapping, mom refuses to pay $200 ransom


  Desperate times call for desperate actions.


Teens save girl from kidnapping because they thought she was hot


If ever there were a case for the value in checking out women from afar, this story of a couple Texas teens who saved a girl from a kidnapping because they were scoping her out is proof positive.


Groom’s Friends Kidnap Him For Bachelor Party, Scare Him So Bad He Comes Down With Shingles


Maybe it's just me, but if a group of masked men jump out of a random van and start charging towards my car that's when I hit the gas peddle and start taking lives.


NBC News Reporter Richard Engel Talks About His Kidnapping, Torture in Syria


NBC News’ Richard Engel is one of the bravest people on the planet.

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