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Comedian Joe Mande Promises To Host A Podcast If We Give Him A Million Dollars

And he's only 980k away from his goal!

Ever Dream Of Helping Draw The World’s BIGGEST Dick? This Kickstarter Campaign Will Make Your Dreams Come True

You could probably put that on your resume'.

This Bro Raised $40,000 In Five Days Via Kickstarter To Make Potato Salad

This better be the most bomb potato salad of all time.

Finally, a Web Series That the Bartenders, Waiters, and Waitresses of the World Can Relate To

Everyone always hopes to live a life worth writing about, worth filming, worth sharing with an audience. Not everyone does. I’m not sure if I

Bros, Sick of Your Boat Shoe Laces Coming Untied? There’s a Kickstarter Invention for That…

I can't believe someone thought of this.  I also can't believe I have an anecdote to illustrate why this invention is so genius. After a few years

The Creepiest Kickstarter Ever Is ‘a Guide to Getting Awesome with Women’

So I don’t know if you guys have heard, but dudes apparently like getting laid. I know, SHOCKING, right? Because of this, there’s naturally a

Hate Celebrity Kickstarter Campaigns? These Two Bros Have the Answer

Kickstarter began as a way for broke creative types to crowdfund their passion projects—their films, their plays, their new wallet designs. (We get pitched three

Introducing the Fighting Man’s Frying Pan, Which Doubles as a Sword

The problem with cooking is that it’s just not that exciting. That’s where this frying pan comes in. It is EXTREME.