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Ever Dream Of Helping Draw The World’s BIGGEST Dick? This Kickstarter Campaign Will Make Your Dreams Come True

You could probably put that on your resume'.

This Bro Raised $40,000 In Five Days Via Kickstarter To Make Potato Salad

This better be the most bomb potato salad of all time.

Finally, a Web Series That the Bartenders, Waiters, and Waitresses of the World Can Relate To

Everyone always hopes to live a life worth writing about, worth filming, worth sharing with an audience. Not everyone does. I’m not sure if I

Bros, Sick of Your Boat Shoe Laces Coming Untied? There’s a Kickstarter Invention for That…

I can't believe someone thought of this.  I also can't believe I have an anecdote to illustrate why this invention is so genius. After a few years

The Creepiest Kickstarter Ever Is ‘a Guide to Getting Awesome with Women’

So I don’t know if you guys have heard, but dudes apparently like getting laid. I know, SHOCKING, right? Because of this, there’s naturally a

Hate Celebrity Kickstarter Campaigns? These Two Bros Have the Answer

Kickstarter began as a way for broke creative types to crowdfund their passion projects—their films, their plays, their new wallet designs. (We get pitched three

Introducing the Fighting Man’s Frying Pan, Which Doubles as a Sword

The problem with cooking is that it’s just not that exciting. That’s where this frying pan comes in. It is EXTREME.