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Comedian Joe Mande Promises To Host A Podcast If We Give Him A Million Dollars

And he's only 980k away from his goal!

Ever Dream Of Helping Draw The World’s BIGGEST Dick? This Kickstarter Campaign Will Make Your Dreams Come True

You could probably put that on your resume'.

This Bro Raised $40,000 In Five Days Via Kickstarter To Make Potato Salad

This better be the most bomb potato salad of all time.

The Bro Bong is the Iron Gym for Taking Beer Bongs with Friends

It's the Bro Bong, Bros

Reading Rainbow’ Hit Its $1Mil Kickstarter Goal and LeVar Burton’s Video Reaction Was Pure Awesomeness

LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter campaign to bring back Reading Rainbow was a one day success.

This Trippy Custom Beer Pong Table with Infinity Mirrors and LED Lights Is a Party Game Changer

As you know, crafty college kids have been tricking out custom beer pong tables with LED lights for years. But this […]

OG Bro Rapper Lil Dicky Needs Your Help on Kickstarter, Bros!

We fucks with Bro rapper Lil Dicky pretty hard around here, enthusiastically supporting him since the day he dropped his hilarious first video -- "Ex-Boyfriend" -- dropped.

Tiny Diapers for Your Penis and Other Kickstarters That Might As Well Exist

We've reached Peak Kickstarter. There are no more good ideas. NYC sketch comedy group The Bilderbergers (#illuminati) satirize that well in this funny series of

Bros, Sick of Your Boat Shoe Laces Coming Untied? There’s a Kickstarter Invention for That…

I can't believe someone thought of this.  I also can't believe I have an anecdote to illustrate why this invention is so genius. After a few years

Kickstarter Is Apologizing For that ‘Above The Game’ Seduction Guide

Kickstarter has apologized and changed its guidelines after helping to raise more than $16,000 for a "misogynistic" seduction guide. All we can say is this:

This Kickstarter Ping Pong Table with Glass Walls Is a Beer Pong Gamechanger

This is one of those remarkably simple inventions you see and think to yourself, "damn, why didn't I think of that first?" Allow us to draw

Jon Lajoie Has Made a ‘Kickstarter’ for a Pretty Funny Cause

Various annoying corners of the internet, including this emptied Natty Light one, have been pretty vocal about Kickstarter. Is it a service for good, is

These Badass, 100% Made-in-NYC Board Shorts Are a Summer Bro Wardrobe Gamechanger

Just like a solid pair of Sperrys and fresh Southern Tide polo, a dope pair of board shorts is a summer nesscity for every Bro.

My Life Will Not Be Complete Until I Own a Pair of ‘Rave Shades’ LED Glasses, Now on Kickstarter

What am I even doing with my life? Genius inventor Bro Frederick Thomas Ford created a nifty pair of completely-customizable party glasses with a built-in 160

Hate Celebrity Kickstarter Campaigns? These Two Bros Have the Answer

Kickstarter began as a way for broke creative types to crowdfund their passion projects—their films, their plays, their new wallet designs. (We get pitched three

If You See Someone Using an Ostrich Pillow Take It As An Open Invitation to Punch Them in the Face

Interesting concept, no doubt, but HOLY FACE SWEAT! The first line on their Kickstarter page says "OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take

This Is the Greatest Kickstarter Project Ever

A cautionary tale about entrepreneurship, really. This is why you don't blow rails of cocaine and then brainstorm Kickstarter ideas. But seriously, this zoo sounds

Best Kickstarter Project of All Time, Kitty Karaoke

Behold, the next step in the evolution of LOL Cats, Kitty Karaoke. A NYC based team is pioneering a social game that lets you anonymously

This Kickstarter On ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ Looks Pretty Cool

When wrestling, ladies, and gorgeous are included in the same sentence, chances are whatever it’s referring to is probably pretty enticing. This documentary certainly seems