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26 INSANE KFC Foods You Probably Haven’t Tried

Not going to lie, I would ABSOLUTELY crush a KFC Triple Decker.

You’ll Never Guess Why This 3-Year-Old Got Kicked Out Of A KFC

Just another reason not to eat at KFC.

KFC Is Bringing the Double-Down BACK, Because Publicity

The world goes round and round and round.

If You’re a High Schooler Not Giving Your Prom Date a KFC Chicken Corsage, Why Are You Going to Prom?

This prom season, KFC debuted the pinnacle of its menu items: the chicken drumstick corsage.

The KFC College Degree is the Future of Higher Education (Seriously)

News broke today that KFC will become the first fast food chain in the U.K. to pay its full-time staff to study for a degree

How to Order Fried Chicken Like a Boss

Remember Australian rapper Bilal B, of "How to Order McDonalds Like a Boss" fame? He gives an encore in battle rap form while ordering some fried

Meet the Worst Player in ‘Family Feud’ History

I won’t spoil it for you, but I would really like to know his kids’ names.

KFC Creates Fried Chicken Sandwich with Cheese on Top of Bun, and I Want It Now

A mysterious Reddit post popped up today with the title: "KFC in my country came up with the dumbest idea ever." The picture linked was

Watch a Crazy Woman Demand More Butter at a KFC In the U.K.

Another week, another deep-fried fast-food freakout. This one comes from the resort town of Brighton, England, where a women just can't get enough

Taco Bell/KFC Employee Tendered His Resignation on the Marquee

When you're slinging gorditas and buckets of fried chick at a Taco Bell/KFC super-awesome hybrid branch you've pretty much reached the pinnacle of the fast

VIDEO: KFC Worker Loses His Cool While on the Clock

Want to see a must-watch video of a  KFC worker in India freaking out on a customer? Well here you go...

Would You Eat a KFC ‘Skinwich’ If It Was Real?

Earlier this week the blog Brain Residue whipped up a fantastic viral hoax about a KFC sandwich in beta mode known as "The Skinwich." After