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Key & Peele Finally Met Liam Neesons

Most people say Key & Peele’s best sketch is the East-West Bowl. They are wrong. It’s this one, where the two […]

‘Proud Thug’ is One of the Best Sketches of the New ‘Key & Peele’ Season

Some of Key & Peele's best comedy comes when it explores the incredible lengths men will go to out-tough each other. An auction block becomes a competition between two out-of-shape slaves. A

‘Key & Peele’s’ Sketch About Sexy Vampires is a Perfect ‘True Blood’ Takedown

"I got bit on purpose so I could live forever and see future cars.... This is just gratuitous."

‘Key & Peele’ Hilariously Describe the Horror of Being Caught with Adult Film on Your Browser

The highlight from Key & Peele's season three premiere: A stand-down between Peele and his girlfriend over a cleared browser history on the shared MacBook. Every

‘Key & Peele’ Once Again Take on Hilarious Football Names

We’ve been singing the praises of Key & Peele for some time now, largely in part to hilarious sketches like the 2012 East-West Bowl skewering

‘Key & Peele’ Takes on the Racism of the Power Rangers

I'm not here to kill any sacred cows. If you're of a certain age, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was the best show ever. Tommy was

‘Key & Peele’ Is Back with a Funny (and True) Sketch on School Bullies

While it's not the most laugh out loud funny sketch "Key & Peele" has produced during its solid Season Two run, this number on school

‘Key & Peele’ Delivers Again with a Bizarre and Funny Pizza Order Sketch

We've touched on this before, but it's worth saying again: If you're not catching this "Key & Peele" train right now, you're missing out. It's

‘Key & Peele’ Does a Very Funny Riff on an Inner-City Substitute Teacher

It's easy to make comparisons between "Key & Peele" and "Chappelle's Show": Both air on Comedy Central, both are sketch comedy shows, and both star

‘Key & Peele’ Parodies Those Worthless Football Player Introductions

This absolutely slayed me, and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps the white guy at the end, perhaps because we all secretly hope these stupid

‘Lost’ Footage of Barack Obama Partying in College

This might be the best Key & Peele sketch we've seen so far—a fake video of Barack Obama partying at Occidental that contains a line