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‘Proud Thug’ is One of the Best Sketches of the New ‘Key & Peele’ Season

Some of Key & Peele's best comedy comes when it explores the incredible lengths men will go to out-tough each other. An auction block becomes a competition between two out-of-shape slaves.

‘Key & Peele’s’ Sketch About Sexy Vampires is a Perfect ‘True Blood’ Takedown

"I got bit on purpose so I could live forever and see future cars.... This is just gratuitous."

‘Key & Peele’ Takes on the Racism of the Power Rangers

I'm not here to kill any sacred cows. If you're of a certain age, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was the best show ever. Tommy was

‘Key & Peele’ Is Back with a Funny (and True) Sketch on School Bullies

While it's not the most laugh out loud funny sketch "Key & Peele" has produced during its solid Season Two run, this number on school