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The Ultimate Bro College Basketball Starting Lineup

With the start of the college basketball season right around the corner, I put together my ultimate Bro team for the 2013-2014 season. I even

Kevin Ware is Back to Dunking Basketballs

Kevin Ware, whose broken leg broke everyone else’s heart during last year’s NCAA Tournament, has made an amazingly quick recovery from his devastating injury.

Kevin Ware Read The Top 10 Thoughts Going Through His Mind as He Broke His Leg on ‘Letterman’

Louisville's fallen hero, Kevin Ware, continues his post injury media tour and last night he landed on The Late Show with David Letterman via satellite.

Here’s Kevin Ware’s First Interview Since Suffering an Unwatchable Injury Against Duke

Kevin Ware's brutal leg injury might go down as the most gruesome injury televised in our lifetime. I was at a relative's house thankfully eating

Louisville Players Surprised Kevin Ware with the Midwest Region Trophy in His Hospital Room

Yesterday's brutal, gruesome injury suffered by Kevin Ware ended up overshadowing the game itself. After the sophomore went down with 6:33 left on the clock