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Another Reason to Hate Russia: They’re Anti- ‘House of Cards’

Fucking Ruskies.

This Kevin Spacey Photobomb is Tremendous

What can Kevin Spacey not do? He makes you imitate him for days after a House of Cards binge. ("What this senator doesn't undah-stand is

This ‘House of Cards’ Spoof with Kevin Spacy Kicked Off the White House Correspondents Dinner

If you're a fan of "House of Cards," you'll probably enjoy this spoof that opened up last night's White House Correspondents Dinner. It featured Kevin Spacey

Watch a Dude Flawlessly Impersonate Kevin Spacey, Justin Timberlake, and a Bunch of Other Actors

The ticket to Hollywood appears to be mocking the institution's most prized possessions. 

Netflix’s Dark New Thriller ‘House of Cards’ Looks Like It Might Be a Must-Watch

So this is a pretty cool idea: We've known for a few months now that Netflix is trying to get into the content-generating game. It

Funny Or Die Boasts All-Star Cast for Clinton Foundation Skit

FunnyOrDie pulled off what may be the most star-studded internet sketch comedy bit of all time. They really must have called in some favors to