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Young Brooklyn Nets Fan Has to be ‘Earmuffed’ As Kevin Garnett Hurls Expletives

Kevin Garnett has a filthy mouth and Brooklyn Nets fans are already acutely aware of his desire to show it off. 

Classy Move: Celtics Took Out a Full Page Ad in the Boston Globe to Thank Pierce, Garnett

With the recent departures of Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett, the new golden era of Celtics Basketball is officially over. In 4 very

Kevin Garnett May Have Suggested Carmelo Anthony’s Wife Tastes Like Honey Nut Cheerios

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett got into an altercation underneath Madison Square Garden last night after the Boston Celtics-New York Knicks game. Melo posted up

Ray Allen Greets Kevin Garnett Like an Old Pal, Garnett Does Not Return the Favor

Anything is possible. Except friendship.

Rondo’s Triple-Double Helps Celtics Eliminate Philadelphia 69ers from the Playoffs

Not a typographical error in the headline, but according to Sasha Andrade of the "Local 10 News Saturday Morning" on Miami ABC the Philadelphia 76ers