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Drake’s Recruitment of Kevin Durant Just Earned the Toronto Raptors a $25,000 Fine

Big sports fan.

Nike Unveils 5 New Colorways for the KD7s

Can I interest you in a little shoe porn on this lovely summer Friday?

Kevin Durant Delivers Emotional, Awesome Speech After Winning MVP Award

Whew, it's getting dusty in here.

Joey Crawford is Just ‘That Guy’

Last night Joey Crawford ripped the ball out of Kevin Durant’s hands at the free throw line with the game on the line to correct

Kevin Durant Says That Yesterday Was the Greatest Day Of His Life. Wanna Know Why?

Just like 85% of all BroBible readers, Kevin Durant really, really, really misses Entourage too, you guys. 

Do You Think Kevin Durant’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Inspired Shoes Really Look Like PB&J?

So yeah, these look like Los Angeles Lakers shoes WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (too many Y's?) more than a delicious Peanut Butter (crunchy, not creamy) and Jelly (a

‘It’s Like They Got Divorced’: James Harden, Kevin Durant Talk About How They Miss Playing Together

One of the bigger NBA bromances came to an abrupt halt last season, when James Harden suddenly got shipped off to the Houston Rockets. Now,

Justin Bieber Hung Out With Kevin Durant and Tyson Chandler, And He Did So in Classic Bieber Form

Classic Bieber form, if you're not familiar, is bringing the heat by being topless and flexed while his face is giving off that hard douche

Giant Bully Kevin Durant Blocks Kids’ Shots With Great Authority

Kevin Durant is a stone-cold killer without a conscience. How else can you explain one of the NBA’s premiere players swatting kids’ shots into next

Jay-Z Continues Path of World Domination, Signs Kevin Durant to Roc Nation Sports

He's not a businessman, he's a BUSINESS, MANNNN.

Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Disaster Relief Efforts

Kevin Durant just donated $1 million to the Oklahoma disaster relief fund. The Red Cross announced the more-than-generous effort via Twitter.

Watch Super Cool Slow-Mo Videos of LeBron James and Kevin Durant

Not a golf fan and feeling a little left out of the sports world today? Here's something to tide you over till everyone shuts up

Kevin Durant Hug-Tackles Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Who Made $20K Halfcourt Shot

Kevin Durant did his best LeBron James impression last night when he tackled a fan that knocked down a half-court shot to win $20,000.

Kevin Durant OWNS Skip Bayless, Wins Twitter for the Day

Admission: I watch "First Take" almost every morning, and I am legitmately a fan of Skip Bayless. Yes he's well over the top, but there's

Sports Links for August 29th: The SI Gronk Edition

Presenting some sports news and entertainment on this fine, fine hump day. 

Sports Links for August 20th: The Fake Mustache Edition

Our athletic-minded friends are here to tell us what's up in the sports blogosphere:

Power Rankings: Which Year of College Is the Best Year of College?

Hundreds of overwrought pop-culture references later, and the collegiate year is finally upon us. A celebration as great as any, it's perhaps the only time

USA Basketball Highlights: Watch This Obscene Full-Court Pass from LeBron to Kevin Durant

The U.S. Men's team cruised to an easy victory in their Olympic opener earlier today, defeating France by a score of 98-71. The balanced effort

NBA Finals Aftermath: Kevin Durant’s Tears, Chris Bosh’s Awkward Celebration, LeBron James’ Ring

LeBron got the giant monkey off his back last night and one the first of what could be many NBA titles. To say he was

Mike Tyson Is Back with a Song About Kevin Durant

There was once a time, in the very recent past, when Mike Tyson was the most feared person on the planet.

Sports Links For June 13th: The Mini-Durant Edition

Presenting the best in sports from our friends: Tiger Says No Talking At US Open [SB Nation] 25 Most Hilarious Sports Interviews Ever [Bleacher Report] Ultimate Little League

NBA Finals: ‘Call Him KD’ May Be The Best ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody Yet

Yesterday we posted "Young, Wild, and Heat." Not to be unfazed, a group of OKC fans countered with this gem. Despite the exhausting amount of

Watch Durant And Ibaka Go HAM As OKC Evens Series

Thanks to the many stylings of Kevin Durant's wingspan, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Spurs last night by a score of 109-103. KD led

Watch Kevin Durant Destroy Summer League Competition in This Awesome Documentary

If you are a basketball junkie and need some more roundball action check out this documentary on summer league basketball.

Russell Westbrook Sends Lakers Home With Circus Shot

If the torch in the NBA’s Western Conference hadn’t been passed already, it definitely changed residence last night as the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated the

Kate Upton Goes to Work With Kevin Durant and James Harden, Hotness Ensues

Because we haven't posted anything about Kate Upton in like 45 minutes, here's the cover model going to work with Kevin Durant and

Kevin Durant Hits Ridiculous Game-Winning Shot for Thunder

The NBA's top regular season scorer showed that he can also put the ball in the basket when it counts most.

This Kevin Durant Alley-Oop to Russell Westbrook Will Blow Your Mind

Usually you have to watch out for Kevin Durant on the receiving end of an alley-oop, but don't forget that point guard for

Here Are All the Dunks and Fancy Passes From the NBA All-Star Game

The Western Conference outlasted their Eastern Conference counterparts, 152-149, in last night’s NBA All-Star Game. Kevin Durant took home MVP honors by scoring

Kevin Durant Dropped 51 Points Last Night, But He May Not Have Been the Game’s MVP

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka combined for a historic performance last night during Oklahoma City's 124-118 win over the Denver Nuggets.

Team Durant vs. Team LeBron: Our Fantasy Lineups for the 2011 NBA Lockout Flag Football Game

Kevin Durant’s flag football performance earlier this week in an Oklahoma State frat league game caught everyone's attention, including that of LeBron James, who

Kevin Durant Uses Twitter to Find Flag Football Game

Today in NBA players being bored during the lockout we go to Oklahoma City where all-world baller Kevin Durant was feeling a bit

Watch Kevin Durant Take the Stage During Wale’s Set at Last Night’s BroBible Concert

On Friday afternoon, an interesting name popped up on the guest list for our concert last night at Terminal 5: Kevin Durant. Was KD really

Kevin Durant’s New, Gigantic Maryland Tattoo

Over the weekend Kevin Durant Tweeted about his new ink. It's an homage to his home state of Maryland, complete with an angel holding a

LeBron James and Kevin Durant Balled Hard In a Summer League Game Last Night

The Goodman and Melo summer leagues met at Morgan State University in Baltimore for a little D.C. vs. Baltimore hoops action. Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Durant’s Dirty, Dirty Dunk at the Melo League

Kevin Durant's summer of giving the middle finger to the NBA lockout rolls on, this time at the MELO Center League. Yesterday he

Kevin Durant Scores 66 Points; Sinks a Monster Three at NYC Rucker Park Street Ball Game

Kevin Durant isn't going to let the pesky NBA lockout keep him from the more important things in life, like playing basketball. Last night Durant

NBA Stars Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Shaq Love Pandas

Ahh the life of an NBA player, the money, the fame, the groupies, the pandas. NBA players live a privileged life that you can't even

Big Winners and a Cinema Legend Vie for Bro of the Week Honors

Friday is finally f*cking here and that means it's time to wrangle the best of the best from the last week and count down to one