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I Just Spent 2 Minutes Of My Life Learning How I’m A Stupid Idiot Who Uses Ketchup Cups Wrong And SO CAN YOU!

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life, which means you should start it off on the right foot by learning how to not be a fucking moron who uses ketchup cups wrong.


Two Genius High School Bros Solved the Ketchup Conundrum Forever


Your worst part of condiments is about to be rectified.


You Won’t Be Able to Get Heinz Ketchup at McDonald’s Anymore


Fast food's best french fries will no longer have America's best accompaniment.

yum yum london

Happy Foods by Yum Yum London solves an age old problem


Ketchup is both the greatest condiment on Earth and the most frustrating.

What is Ketchup

The origins of ketchup are actually worth a read


Did you know that ketchup was once made from fish.

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