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Did Julius Randle Say “I Want to Smoke” After Getting Drafted?

Big investigation.

Kentucky National Championship Tattoo Guy is Keeping His Tattoo

So close, yet still so far.

John Calipari’s Speech to His Kentucky Team After Making the Final Four May Make You Like John Calipari

Cat daddy.

Here’s the Aaron Harrison 3-Pointer That Just Sent Kentucky to the Final Four


Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell Puts Duke in Campaign Ad, Kentucky Reacts Accordingly

Mitch McConnell's campaign ads have become too funny to ignore.

Kentucky Already Won the NCAA Tournament, According to this Really Smart Tattoo

Could be bad.

Arkansas Beat Kentucky on a Thunderous Buzzer-Beating Dunk

Game-winning dunks are extremely rare. Game-winning dunks to upset college basketball royalty are practically unheard of.

An Escaped Inmate Turned Himself In to Avoid Today’s Cold Front

It's fucking cold today. Before I walked my dog, I put on a thermal shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, two sweatshirts, a fleece jacket and a winter

Video of Naked Anthony Davis Being Spanked in a Locker Room While At Kentucky Surfaces

This video appears to show a very naked Anthony Davis being spanked by someone wearing blue shorts. It was brought to Deadspin’s attention by a

Kentucky Freshman James Young Scores Freak Basket on Own Hoop

Kentucky is the top-ranked team in college basketball but it appears they still have some things to work on before the season tips off for

Referee Rocking Playboy Bunny Tattoo is My Favorite Referee

Referees don’t get much respect. They’re constantly bitched at and told they suck at their jobs. It takes a guy with thick skin to excel

Frustrated Radio Caller Claims Kentucky Didn’t Make Tournament Thanks to ‘Liberal Socialism’

Anyone who listens to sports talk radio knows the people that call in are a little off. They wait for hours on hold to sputter

Basketball Team Re-Creates Christian Laettner’s Buzzer-Beater to Win Game

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Bobby Knight Doesn’t Know What a Shot Clock Is

Bobby Knight has lived his entire life being an intolerable dick, so don’t expect any sympathy here.

You Might Be a Racist If…You Have a Statue Of Barack Obama Eating a Watermelon on Your Front Lawn

Kentucky man, Daniel Hafley, has such a statue (pictured above for you to gawk at). And some people are none too pleased about it. But

Celebrate Kentucky Basketball by Buying this Mummified Cat Dunking a Mummified Bird

The fan bases involved in the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry seem to have a hard time keeping it in proper prospective. Remember the two jabronies that brawled

Kentucky Wildcat Dudes Get a Bit Too Rowdy, Pulverize One of Their Own

What's that? A fight video? CLICK. 

‘Agent,’ ‘Benjamins,’ ‘Beer Bong’ and Other Phrases College Athletes Can’t Say on Twitter

If you're a college athlete at Louisville or Kentucky, odds are your Twitter account is being heavily screened. 

Kentucky Gave Drake a National Championship Ring

This is the deal with the devil that you accept when John Calipari is your head coach. He's going to bring in, like, eight of

Here’s a Giant Portrait of Anthony Davis Made Out of Cereal

There are starving people all over the world, but who gives a flying f*ck when excess food can be used to make a portrait of

Here’s a Goosebump-Inducing Video of Kentucky Students Celebrating Their National Title

Chills. Of all the reasons to love sports, getting to experience the feeling these students exude is possibly the best.

Guy Takes a Picture of Himself Stealing Gas from a Police Car, Uploads It to Facebook, Gets Arrested

Seriously, how dumb can you be? Pictured here is Michael Baker, a 20-year old from Kentucky who had his girlfriend snap a photo of himself

Nation’s Top Recruit Announces He’s Going to Kentucky in Worst Way Possible

Nerlens Noel. Get to know the name, because you’re going to hear an awful lot of it next year. For those of you

The Kentucky Wildcats Bench Has Made a Rap Video

On a team full of NBA talent, Kentucky bench players Kyle Wiltjer and Jarrod Palson didn’t exactly get much of the spotlight during

Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed Anthony Davis’s Unibrow

Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time asking Anthony Davis about that thing on his face. Would you expect anything else? The college basketball player

Kentucky Basketball Fans Want You to Sleep With Their Wife

People in Kentucky really have their priorities straight. Before the Final Four, we told you about the Craigslist poster who offered up a sensual session

Kentucky Wins Championship, UK Riots, and the Internet Listens In Via the Lexington Police Scanner

Yes, Kentucky won the National Championship. Yes, afterwards Lexington, Kentucky entered a state of rioting and hysteria, with the town pretty much in flames. Meanwhile,

5 Questions Surrounding Tonight’s National Championship Game

These last three weeks went pretty fast, right? As the calendar has turned to April we bid adieu to March Madness with its final hurrah.

Final Four Preview: Who Flames Out When Things Heats Up in The Big Easy?

It's only fitting that the best possible Final Four venue gets paired with two of the best Final Four games in recent history. Word is

Rabid Kentucky Fan Offering His Wife in Exchange for Final Four Tickets

I operate under the assumption that 90 percent of Craigslist postings are either fake or a serial killer’s ruse to murder people. But if this

Insane Baylor Fan Dances Away Pain of Loss to Kentucky

Since this is America, he’ll probably get his own sitcom or reality show. Dancing Baylor fan is currently the talk of the Internet

South Region Breakdown: Is Kentucky No Longer Invincible?

Coach John Calipari recently thanked ESPN in an interview. He said ESPN’s commercial promoting the Watch ESPN product, which featured Indiana’s game-winning shot against Kentucky

Check Out This NASCAR Fan’s ‘Hillbilly Hot Tub’

Here's Joey Clark of Bullitt County, Kentucky, enjoying a beverage with a few women in the back of his pick-up truck while doing

Jay-Z Hangs Out with the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Team After Beating North Carolina

Yesterday, after Kentucky sealed the deal on their trip to the Final Four with a 76-69 win against North Carolina, rapper Jay-Z decided to say

VIDEO: Kentucky Freshman Brandon Knight Hits Game Winner Over Princeton with 2 Seconds Left

Does a game-winning basket that comes with two seconds left count as a buzzer beater? If so, Kentucky's Brandon Knight's first basket of the game

MUST WATCH: Here’s a Local News Story About a Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard

Things got downright gross last May when Harvey Westmoreland (above) got into a fight with James Hill and Troy Holt over the price of a

VIDEO: University of South Carolina Girl Can’t Stop Crying About Loss to Kentucky

Back in Week One of the 2010 college football season, our astute NCAA gridiron analyst Michael J. Cox wrote that being a college football fan

Kentucky vs. Cornell Drinking Game

In what promises to be one if not the most interesting game of the Sweet 16, here some ways to make it more interesting for

No Love for Huggy Bear—I’m Changing to Kentucky

I tossed and turned as I tried to fall asleep last night. I was going through the possible scenarios in my head with one day