This Video Of Wisconsin Fans Welcoming The Team Back To Their Hotel Is Why Sports Are Awesome


Wisconsin deserved every bit of praise they received for beating Kentucky last night.

tipsy toddler

Kentucky Fan Arrested For Feeding Baby Beer And Rum After Elite Eight Win May Not Be Suitable For Parenting


a 29-year-old Kentucky fan was arrested on Saturday night in Garrard County, Kentucky for trying to get her one-year-old nephew fucked up on beer and rum in the wake of Kentucky's nail-biting win over Notre Dame in the Elite Eight.


Kentucky Fan Gets ’40-0, National Champs’ Tat, Has Lame Backup Plan For When The Wildcats Implode


The tournament hadn't even kicked off when this University of Kentucky Über fan got his '40-0, National Champs' tattoo.

university of georgia

University Of Georgia Used A Cheer Sheet During The Kentucky Game And It’s The Most Pathetic Thing You’ll See Today


The only thing more embarrassing than needing a sheet full of pre-approved cheers for a given sporting event is…actually, I lied.


Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed Anthony Davis’s Unibrow


Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time asking Anthony Davis about that thing on his face.

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