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Kentucky Fan Arrested For Feeding Baby Beer And Rum After Elite Eight Win May Not Be Suitable For Parenting


a 29-year-old Kentucky fan was arrested on Saturday night in Garrard County, Kentucky for trying to get her one-year-old nephew fucked up on beer and rum in the wake of Kentucky's nail-biting win over Notre Dame in the Elite Eight.


Kentucky Fan Gets ’40-0, National Champs’ Tat, Has Lame Backup Plan For When The Wildcats Implode


The tournament hadn't even kicked off when this University of Kentucky Über fan got his '40-0, National Champs' tattoo.

university of georgia

University Of Georgia Used A Cheer Sheet During The Kentucky Game And It’s The Most Pathetic Thing You’ll See Today


The only thing more embarrassing than needing a sheet full of pre-approved cheers for a given sporting event is…actually, I lied.


Jimmy Kimmel Interviewed Anthony Davis’s Unibrow


Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time asking Anthony Davis about that thing on his face.

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