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The Yankees Drafted a Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Kenny Powers

With the 422nd pick of the 2014 baseball draft the New York Yankees select….Kenny Fucking Powers. Or, really, Kenny Powers […]

Someone Found a Real-Life Kenny Powers Look-Alike and He is Magnificent

This guy is flying as close to the sun as humanly possible.

Danny McBride Talks About Kenny Powers on Jimmy Kimmel, How Matthew McConaughey Picks Up Ladies

Danny McBride is a comedian I enjoy a lot, whether it's as redneck wildman Kenny Powers or as himself in This Is the End. OK, His Highness sucked,

Young Rob Ryan Looked Exactly Like Kenny Powers

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has a unique way about him. It’s part Big Lebowski and part Captain Ron. He stalks the sidelines

Kenny Powers Has A Message For All Of You Baseball Fans

Guys... Tonight is the season premiere of the fourth and final season of Eastbound & Down. Nothing gets me more stoked than listening to Kenny

The ‘Eastbound and Down’ Season 4 Trailer is Finally Here

So many great shows leave us after a shitty, overdone final season, but something tells me Kenny fuckin' Powers wasn't born to disappoint. At least

4 Possibilities for the 4th Season of ‘Eastbound and Down’

News broke yesterday that "Eastbound and Down" will return for a fourth season, despite HBO billing the third season's finale as the series' last.

The Best Kenny Powers’ Insults: A Supercut

Kenny Powers: A mother f*ckin' American national treasure. We're going to miss him. A lot. Last night KP hung his number up in the rafters

Kenny Motherf**king Powers the CEO Is Back!

The uncensored Kenny Powers' K-Swiss MF-CEO commercial was one of the funniest videos we watched over the summer. Now he's back, dressed as

Enjoy Sunday Night’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Premiere With This Drinking Game

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers will bombard his way back into our living rooms Sunday night, when the third season of HBO's "Eastbound & Down" premieres. Every bro

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers!: Watch the First Trailer for ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season Three

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers is back, b*tches! Earlier in January we got jacked up about the first teaser for Season Three of "East Bound

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers!: Watch a Teaser for ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season Three

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers is back, b*tches! Here's the first teaser for Season Three of "East Bound and Down." Uncle Sam hats! Confederate flag

Kenny Powers as Darth Vader in ‘Star Wars’ Mashup

It's been a good week for relief pitchers. Mariano Rivera broke Trevor Hoffman's all-time saves record, Brian Wilson scored a pair of Air

Kenny Powers Uncensored K-Swiss Commercial Is Finally Here

Brandon posted a small sneak-peek of this 5-minute Kenny Powers' commercial earlier. Now we have the whole goddamn thing. I don't have much to say

Kenny Powers Asks Life’s Important Questions

Another genius Kenny Powers / K-Swiss commercial. Wait for it...

What’s Your Preference: Bumpers or Headlights?

In last night's episode of "Eastbound & Down," Kenny Powers asked himself one of life's great questions: What kind of man am I: tits

Jose Canseco’s 30 Most Desperate and Depressing Tweets

Of all the sad, lonley, broke, and roid-ed out retired baseball players on Twitter, Jose Canseco's verified account is easily our favorite. Earlier this week

What did you think of the season 2 premiere of “Eastbound & Down?” Sound Off in the Comments…

Great Americans and Animal Enthusiasts Vie for Bro of the Week

It's been a long week but it's time again to wrangle the best of the best from the last seven days and count down to

15 Professional Athletes Who Have Had Real-Life Kenny Powers Moments

  Editor's Note: BroBible has teamed up with our friends at HBO to celebrate the Season 2 premiere of "Eastbound & Down," this coming Sunday,

The Top 10 White-Trash Major League Pitchers

The first season of “Eastbound and Down,” a comedy about a washed-up, big-league pitcher, gave us a (semi-)accurate portrayal of what life must be like