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We Are Baring Everything in This Week’s Hottie Index

Hotties for days.

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Sexy Butt While Ziplining in New Instagram Video

It took literally one photo for Kendall Jenner to solidify her spot on our list of the hottest Instagram accounts of 2013.

Kendall Jenner Looking Next Level Hot In Her Underwear

Attention all other girls on Instagram: GET ON KENDALL JENNER'S LEVEL.

Kendall Jenner and Her Ass Photobombed Kim Kardashian’s Latest Ass Selfie

Another day, another photo of Kim Kardashian's dookie maker. Only this time, her much hotter younger sister Kendall Jenner decided to throw her ass into

Kendall Jenner Made It 16 Days After Her 18th Birthday Before Posting Her Nipples on Instagram (PIC)

We can't embed it here....

What Do the Kardashians Think of Kendall Jenner’s Adult Film Offers?

LOLOLOL that the Kardashians think they're above sex tapes.... 

Kendall Jenner Just Turned 18 and Already Getting Multi-Million Dollar Offers to do Adult Films

Now that she can make a sex tape, at least SIX COMPANIES are hoping they can convince her to get it on in front of the camera.