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This Is What Kelly Hall Wants Her Butt to Look Like

My wedding day goal. Want my booty looking like this."

Here Is an Instagram Video of Kelly Hall Getting Turnt the Fuck Up (Again)

Not much else to say here that we haven't already said.

Kelly Hall Is Posting Videos of How Turnt Up She Got on 4th of July On Instagram (Again)

We have documented many, many times here at BroBible why Matthew Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall is The. Shit.

Kelly Hall Posted Her Engagement Pics with Matthew Stafford to Instagram

Kelly Hall is our favorite NFL WAG, hands down.

Matthew Stafford’s Hot Girlfriend Kelly Hall Bro’d The Fuck Out on 4th of July

Kelly Hall is probably our favorite WAG here at BroBible, mostly because she likes to get white girl turnt-up just like we do.

Kelly Hall, Matthew Stafford’s Fiancee, Went on Bikini-Filled Bachelorette Party and THERE WERE PHOTOS, YOU GUYS!

#Gizzjam looked fun.

Sorry Bros: Kelly Hall Is Now Off the Market Too, Engaged to Matthew Stafford

First Katherine Webb, now Kelly Hall. Lindsey Duke, you next?

Lindsey Duke and Matthew Stafford’s Hot Girlfriend Kelly Hall In Bikini Together on Spring Break

Yesterday we told you about Lindsey Duke's spring break bikini-Fest down in Mexico.

Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend Kelly Hall Shakes Her Booty In Awesome New Instagram Video

Kelly Hall is an American National treasure. Matthew Stafford, you are one lucky Bro. God bless Kelly Hall. God bless America. Happy Labor Day Weekend... 

Somehow Not Every Girl is Naked in This Week’s Hottie Index

Fuck. We’ll only be two weekends away from Labor Day after this one. Where did the summer go? I’m ready to move to San Diego

10 Photos From Nuts Magazine’s Big B**b Bonanza Issue

If I lived in the U.K., I'd definitely be writing, with a boner pillow in tow, for Nuts Magazine. Their pages are always inundated with