matthew stafford wedding

Matthew Stafford And Kelly Hall Got Married, Wore Funny Hats


  Nothing says new beginnings and rebirth like a spring wedding.

kelly hall bachelorette party

Kelly Hall, Matt Stafford’s Gorgeous Fiancee, Had Bikini Bachelorette Party And I Would Have Done Anything To Be There (PICS)


A photo posted by Abby Hearn (@aehearn814) on Mar 14, 2015 at 4:50pm PDT While most fans focus their attention to the whirlwind of NFL free agency and studying mock drafts to see which star college players their favorite team will select, I'm more concerned about a different kind of offseason news.

matthew stafford

Matthew Stafford And Kelly Hall’s Engagement Photos Are Just Silky Sweet


Leave it to ultimate bro Matthew Stafford to have some of the smoothest engagement photos we've ever seen with his gorgeous fiance (and three-point shooter extraordinaire) Kelly Hall.

kelly hall

Here’s Kelly Hall Sinking Three-Pointer After Three-Pointer


Kelly Hall, known to the world as Matthew Stafford's fiancee, may be the best athlete in that particular relationship.

Matthew Stafford fiancee

Matthew Stafford’s fiancee is having a big, big week


For the second time in a week, I'm posting about Matthew Stafford's fiancee Kelly Hall and no, you're stalking her Instagram.

Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall Is Posting Videos of How Turnt Up She Got on 4th of July On Instagram (Again)


We have documented many, many times here at BroBible why Matthew Stafford's girlfriend Kelly Hall is The.

Matthew Stafford girlfriend

Matthew Stafford’s fiancee, Kelly Hall, got a starring role in his new commercial


Well, well, well, being the fiancee of a star quarterback sure has its perks.

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