Keith Olbermann Calls Charles Barkley ‘An Idiot’ Who Doesn’t Understand Basketball


Charles Barkley pissed off basketball nerds the other night when he said that analytics are for losers who have never played the game and didn't get laid in high school.

adrian peterson

Keith Olbermann Has A Must-Watch Rant About How Dumb Adrian Peterson Is


Adrian Peterson can't stop making terrible, terrible decisions.


Keith Olbermann Blasts Everyone Involved In Ray Rice Cover-Up, Calls For Roger Goodell’s Resignation


Keith Olbermann, like most NFL and TV pundits, is fired up about the Ray Rice situation.

two game suspension for Ray Rice

Keith Olbermann channels his inner James Brown, eviscerates Ray Rice and the NFL


James Brown's anthem 'This is a man's world' has never rang more true in the NFL than when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed down a pathetic two-game suspension to Baltimore running-back Ray Rice.


Keith Olbermann Went Off on the Ray Rice Suspension


Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended two games for this incident with his wife.

Sochi Olympics

Keith Olbermann Takes Down Sochi Olympics in One Quality Rant


Keith Olbermann is as blow-hardy as blow-hards come, but he does a decent job here of summarizing the insanity currently greeting athletes and journalists in Sochi, Russia, the borderline dilapidated site of the most expensive Olympic games in history.

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Wants to Go Back to ESPN, and ESPN Should Let Him


Before seemingly everyone grew to hate Keith Olbermann—conservatives for the "Mr.

morning headlines

ESPN’s Book Tells All, Educated Women Becoming Prostitutes, and Hawking Ends the Heaven Debate


  Here are your Morning Headlines:    Sports: There were tons of furious egos behind the rise of SportsCenter.

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