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Keith Olbermann Just Destroyed Roger Goodell and His Handling of the Ray Rice Case

Deservedly so.

Keith Olbermann Went Off on the Ray Rice Suspension

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended two games for this incident with his wife. The relatively small punishment, […]

Keith Olbermann Delivered a Moving Tribute to the Late Tony Gwynn

Sad days.

Keith Olbermann Takes Down Sochi Olympics in One Quality Rant

Keith Olbermann is as blow-hardy as blow-hards come, but he does a decent job here of summarizing the insanity currently […]

This Year’s Super Bowl is Going to Suck

Ol’ Keith really nailed this one. The more information that comes out about this year’s Super Bowl, the more it sounds like absolutely zero fun

Keith Olbermann Might Be Returning to ESPN

Fired from Current.TV in 2012. Fired from MSNBC in 2011. Hired by ESPN in 2013? Keith Olbermann's resume is looking spiffy, you guys. But if

Keith Olbermann Wants to Go Back to ESPN, and ESPN Should Let Him

Before seemingly everyone grew to hate Keith Olbermann—conservatives for the "Mr. Bush, have you no shame, SIR?" special comments; liberals for the assholery that got

ESPN’s Book Tells All, Educated Women Becoming Prostitutes, and Hawking Ends the Heaven Debate

  Here are your Morning Headlines:    Sports: There were tons of furious egos behind the rise of SportsCenter. [GQ] Sex: Report: Even educated women are choosing a career