13-Foot Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers For Miles, Wants To Eat Their Brains (And Fish)

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Coming in contact with sharks while kayaking can be a very unsettling experience.


Kayakers get too close to whale, end up getting stuck on top of the whale


If you're out kayaking and you see a whale it's ALWAYS advisable to keep your distance, for the safety of both you and the whale.


Watch a Kayaker Bro’s INSANE Plunge Down a Drainage Ditch


This is one of the headiest, most badass GoPro videos I've seen in a long, long time.

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The Royal Flush: The Most Insane Kayak Video You’ll Watch Today


For anyone who's into super sick kayaking, check out this incredible new video from Kayak TV.


Watch Bam Margera Go Over 100-Foot Cliff in Kayak, Get Injured


Bam Margera, in an attempt to stay relevant and shock his senses, recently performed a stunt which required him to plunge over a 100-foot cliff in a kayak.

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A Majestic 10-Minute Compilation of Whitewater Kayaking Madness


Here's a video from kayaking's annual Rider of the Year Awards, which ranks and recaps the frothiest and most heart-pounding whitewater kayak videos on the Net.


VIDEO: Two Kayakers Try to Set World Record By Plunging Over a 82 Foot–Tall Waterfall


Two kayakers, Sam Freihofer and Todd Wells, recently set out to break the world record for waterfall descent in a two-man kayak.

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