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This Sinking Kayaker Isn’t Someone You Want On Your Team During An Emergency

Jack Dawson, he is not.

Watch a Kayaker Bro’s INSANE Plunge Down a Drainage Ditch

This is one of the headiest, most badass GoPro videos I've seen in a long, long time. This Canadian kayak Bro hits 34 MPH going

The Royal Flush: The Most Insane Kayak Video You’ll Watch Today

For anyone who's into super sick kayaking, check out this incredible new video from Kayak TV. "Balancing skill, luck, and sanity," Evan Garcia managed to

Watch Bam Margera Go Over 100-Foot Cliff in Kayak, Get Injured

Bam Margera, in an attempt to stay relevant and shock his senses, recently performed a stunt which required him to plunge over a 100-foot cliff

A Majestic 10-Minute Compilation of Whitewater Kayaking Madness

Here's a video from kayaking's annual Rider of the Year Awards, which ranks and recaps the frothiest and most heart-pounding whitewater kayak videos on the

The Whitewater Kayak Grand Prix Looks Intense

Let's start the day with a splash. Late last night someone, presumably a rabid kayaker, tipped us off to this video of a time trial

VIDEO: Two Kayakers Try to Set World Record By Plunging Over a 82 Foot–Tall Waterfall

Two kayakers, Sam Freihofer and Todd Wells, recently set out to break the world record for waterfall descent in a two-man kayak. The record was