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This Week’s Hottie Index Is Big on the Boobs

Big, big on the boobs.

Katy Perry Broke Up with John Mayer and Is Looking FINNNNNNNEEEEEEEE On Instagram Now

Because you're a Bro and you don't read gossip blog bullshit, you probably don't know that Katy Perry dumped John Mayer a couple weeks ago

This GIF of Katy Perry’s Boobs Shaking Is Something You Might Enjoy

We imagine you will.

Bryce Harper Will Be Smashing Bombs to Katy Perry This Season

Hell yes, he will.

SHOTS FIRED: Miley Cyrus Takes Aim at Katy Perry for Claiming Her Tongue Was Gross

Fight fight fight!

BROS! Katy Perry Is Single!

Guess. Who. Is. No. Longer. Dating. Douchebag. John. Mayer. YES! Katy Perry is single which, means you, you, you have [...]

Miley Cyrus Tried to Make Out with Katy Perry. Guess What Happened Next?

Sure, Katy Perry once sang about kissing a girl and liking it. But what happens when Miley Cyrus presses to [...]

Katy Perry Plays a Cheetos-Eating Egyptian Pharaoh in Her New Video For ‘Dark Horse’

And Juicy J’s “there’s no going back” line is dropped by a Legends of the Hidden Temple Olmec-style statue. Look, I am [...]

Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton Sang Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and There Was No Clear Winner

Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick hosted Cartoon Network’s Hall of Games Awards because it’s the offseason and NFL players need [...]

Watch Anna Kendrick Tell Conan About the Time Katy Perry Finger-Banged Her Cleavage

Everyone seems to have fallen in love with Anna Kendrick over the past year, thanks in part to her roles in Pitch Perfect and Drinking Buddies

Vin Diesel Posted a 7-Minute Video of Himself on Facebook at 3AM Performing Beyonce and Katy Perry

Um...this deserves an OVERALL WTF?!? and also a second, ancillary WTF?!? for the camera placement. Vin, babe, you're a movie star for shit's sake, buy a

Things Come in All Shapes and Sizes in This Week’s Hottie Index

The Grammy’s happened last night. Daft Punk seemed to win everything. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis seemed to win everything Daft Punk didn’t win. Beyonce shook

Katy Perry’s Boobs Are POPPING In New ‘GQ’ Spread

This month, cover girl Katy Perry told GQ that when she was young, she prayed for boobs. And ye, her prayers were answered. Take a

Katy Perry Got Caught Lip Syncing On a TV Show and It Was Awk-Ward

Nothing more awkward than when one of the biggest pop stars in the world is caught with her mouth moving yet no words coming out. All this

Nicolas Cage Version of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Will Challenge Your Preconceived Notions About Sexuality

If I were forced to explain the internet in one sentence, I might say, “It’s a place where people create and disseminate videos of Nicolas

Katy Perry’s Boobs Are Popping Out Everywhere in the Music Video for ‘Roar’

Say what you want about Katy Perry's "Roar," but it's probably the biggest earworm of the season right now, officially knocking "Blurred Lines" out of

A Tremendous GIF of Katy Perry’s Chest Bouncing in a Sports Bra

Katy Perry brought the courtain down on the 2013 VMAs by debuting a new single, "Roar," at the Brooklyn Bridge. She was dressed as a female

F-18 Pilot Makes Hilarious Video Asking Katy Perry to Be His Date for the West Coast Hornet Ball

We've seen this movie before. Will she say yes and reluctantly go  -- wearing no doubt the stupidest-looking dress the Ball has ever seen --

ACTUALLY, This Katy Perry and Rihanna GIF Is the Greatest Ever, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Yesterday, we gave you what we thought was the best GIF ever. Let's now put this one in the running. Thanks to the

You’ll Be Shocked to Learn Katy Perry’s ‘Ni**as in Paris’ Cover Was Not Well-Received

Katy Perry tried her very hardest to ruin “Ni**as in Paris” over the weekend, and she came very, very close. It’s quite bad.

Tonight’s Evening Round-Up, Presented By Katy Perry


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