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German Newspaper Posts Uncensored Photo of Kate Middleton’s Ass

The Royal Cheek

What the Hell Is Going on with Kate Middleton’s Portrait?

Look, anyone who says that Kate Middleton isn't a stone-cold fox is a contrarian of the highest order. I get that a backlash occurs with

Kate Middleton to Become Royal MILF

Anyone else get a bad taste in your mouth from that headline? I'm regretting the decision to writing it. Kate Middleton still kind of has

Tabloid with Kate Middleton Pics Forced to Stop Publishing Shots; Trust Me, They’re Still Online

William and Kate won a major victory against the French tabloid Closer yesterday, with a court issuing an injunction stopping any further publication of the topless

Topless Kate Middleton Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Am I alone in thinking that Kate just needs to do Playboy and get it over with? I highly doubt that I am. Show us

Tops Are Optional in This Week’s Hottie Index

One of the biggest stories in English history leads off the Hottie Index this week, but that doesn’t mean there are four other worthy members. 

Katrina Darling is Kate Middleton’s Cousin, Naked in Playboy

Well, this makes me like the Royal Family even more.