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Tough Guy Motorcyclist Gets What’s Coming to Him

Ah... Another wonderful example of Instant Karma on the Internet.

This Video Proves Instant Karma Is a Real—and Delightful—Thing

As John Lennon said, it's gonna get you.

Guy Bullying an Elderly Couple on New York City Bus Gets What The Fuck Was Coming to Him

Public transportation.

Florida Police Get the Last Laugh With That Asshole Truck Driver with Road Rage

Remember this insufferable tailgating douche? His karma finally caught up to him after the video of his road rage went viral.

Florida Driver With Road Rage Gets What’s Coming to Him With Sweet, Sweet Instant Karma

Drivers in Florida have a reputation for being, well, complete jackasses. Maybe worse than drivers from Jersey, which is really saying something.

‘Road Rage Karma Is a Bitch,’ the Best Blow by Blow Road Rage Breakdown You’ll Ever See

The road rage viral video market is a bit saturated. All them cellphone videographers just tryna make it in the big city, posting road rage