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4 Keys to Crushing Karaoke Night

Leave on a good note.

Charles Barkley Screwing Up the Words To ‘Gin & Juice’ Will Make Your Evening

The following statements are indisputable facts — Charles Barkley was a great basketball player and Charles Barkley is the world’s […]

Couple Performs Ghastly Karaoke Version of the 504 Boyz ‘I Can Tell’ While Holding a Child

I could sit here and bash the living shit out of this horrific performance. I could even say how that poor kid doesn't stand a

Watch Dirk Nowitzki Butcher Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the U.S.A.’

You know, I’m not sure what I expected, but this absolutely exceeded all of my expectations.

Random Act of Shaqness: O’Neal Dresses Up Like Prince, Belts Out ‘When Doves Cry’ with Kelly Ripa

Everything about this represents all that is awesome about off-the-court Shaquille O'Neal. The on-the-floor writhing is particularly what separates him from every other former legendary

Charles Barkley Fails Miserably at Karaoke, Is Saved by ‘Boyz II Men’

Due to the universal law of the cool kids, famous people have a knack for being homies with other famous people. So when Charles Barkley

Best Kickstarter Project of All Time, Kitty Karaoke

Behold, the next step in the evolution of LOL Cats, Kitty Karaoke. A NYC based team is pioneering a social game that lets you anonymously

Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios Drunkenly Sing ‘The Weight’ at Karaoke (UPDATED)

We just received this video from a tipster that was at Stanley's Sunday night karaoke in Chicago when all kinds of awesome shot from the

Video of Mark Cuban Singing Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ at a Karaoke Bar

"Purple Rain" wouldn't have been my first choice, or any of my next ten thousand choices, for that matter, but Cuban's a fledging

Best Man Accidentally Sets Groom’s Hair On Fire During Karaoke ‘Piano Man’ Sing-a-Long

This YouTube gem dates back to 2010, but for reasons unbeknown to us, it's just started to make the rounds this morning. A groom and

PHOTOS: This Is What It Looks Like to Party with Bill Murray

Confession: I'm a rabid Bill Murray evangelist who regularly quotes "Where the Buffalo Roam" on a scene-for-scene basis. Compared to half the jabronis in infesting