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Our Dude Kap Slap Drops ‘Back with Stacy’s Mom,’ a Welcome Fountains of Wayne Throwback

Who else—besides maybe early Girl Talk—can do mashups like Kap Slap? The DJ has long claimed he makes music for raging, and you can't deny

Kap Slap Has Released an Hour Long Mix with Some of the Hottest Names in the EDM Game

Kap Slap and his never ending quest to ensure 18-25 (26?) year-olds have a constantly solid, ever-evolving series of rage mixes is at it again.

UMASS BROS: Enter to Win Two Free Tickets to Kap Slap’s Show This Thursday

It didn't take long for Kap Slap to grow from a small underground University presence to a country-wide phenomenon. The rising EDM DJ/Producer will be

Watch Kap Slap Rage at JMU’s Sigma Chi ‘Basement Rave’

This past weekend the Sigma Chis at James Madison University hosted a rager with Kap Slap. The result is this dopesauce recap video. Go big or

Kap Slap Drops ‘Back to School Mix,’ and Ragers Everywhere Just Got A LOT Rowdier

Anyone could drop mad paperz all over their once-pure University steps. Not many people could drop a mix as killer as this.   

EDM Mashup Machine Kap Slap Drops ‘Nothing Inside Molly”

Kap Slap was once just another Frat Bro just trying to make it in the sea of other backwards hat donning, pinnie-wearing, Natty Light-drinking sons