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Watch a 19-Year-Old Kanye West Kill It Freestyling

Because his life is dope.

Kanye’s Wedding Present to Kim Is a Portrait of Her in a G-String

I don't know if I'm amazed or not.

Is This Kanye West Punching Out Several Paparazzi?

It kind of looks like him. This comes from LiveLeak and was just posted. 

Kanye West Just EXPLODED On Jimmy Kimmel In an EPIC Twitter Rant

KANYE GOING OFF ALERT! REPEAT: KANYE GOING OFF!!!! Tweeting in all-caps, Kanye West exploded on Twitter Thursday evening with the most explosive, Kanye-esque rant we've seen

You’ll Be Shocked to Learn Katy Perry’s ‘Ni**as in Paris’ Cover Was Not Well-Received

Katy Perry tried her very hardest to ruin “Ni**as in Paris” over the weekend, and she came very, very close. It’s quite bad.