The Most Liked Instagram Posts Of 2014 Are All Pretty Stupid


Sharing and liking Instagram photos of celebrities is fine when it makes sense (obviously this is a subjective thing at best).


Two Girls Started A Blog Where They Go Out In Public Recreating Kim And Kanye’s Outfits


Because the world cannot continue spinning unless someone is talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, two super-fans have created 'What Would Yeezus Wear.

send a message

Send A Brilliant ‘Fuck You’ To Anyone You Know Using This Hilarious New Tool


Because we as a civilization don't have enough ways already to tell each other to fuck off, there's now a brilliantly designed new tool called 'Send A Message' to accomplish just that.

world series

Somehow Barry Bonds’ Smug Face Is The Least Detestable Thing About This Photo


As I'm sure none of you are aware, there's a World Series going on right now in San Francisco.

Kanye West

Kanye West Taught A College Class And Spent Most Of It Talking About Himself


Kanye West is 37 years old, which means that with 37 years of experience under his belt he's the leading expert on what people would have you believe is one of the world’s most thought-provoking and engrossing topics: Himself.

aahh fest

Kanye West Made A Surprise Appearance At AAHH! Fest This Weekend (Videos)


What's even more surprising than Kanye West appearing unannounced at AAHH.


Kanye West’s Demands For Kim And The Kardashian Crew Are Fit For A King


Kanye West makes outrageous demands on the people closest to him in life.

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