Kanye West GQ

The GQ profile of Kanye West revealed two amazing things


If you get a few moments today, read GQ's profile of Kanye West.

Stacey Dash Outnumbered video

Stacey Dash tells Kanye to ‘go to Rikers’ Island to learn what rape is


I think most of us would agree that using the word "rape" inappropriately is bad thing, but yesterday Stacey Dash may have gone a bit overboard telling Kanye West to go to Rikers Island to learn what rape is really all about.

Kanye West Wireless Festival

Kanye West now the latest celebrity to use the word ‘rape’ inappropriately


Note to celebrities: stop using the word "rape" when talking about the media.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is even sexier as a ‘Simpsons’ character


Tired of masturbating to actual photos of Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West bonnaroo video

Video of Kanye West getting booed at Bonnaroo after a BIZARRE, angry rant


Kanye West had already pissed off fans at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival by showing up late (again), but then after a VERY bizarre and angry rant the crowd eventually turned on him completely and started booing his ass.