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Marcus Foster Violently Posterized John Stockton’s Son

John Stockton's son, David, plays for Gonzaga just like his father did. He's also quite small, which really worked to his disadvantage last night when

Kansas State Bribing Students With Bacon at Women’s Hoops Game

How much bacon would it take for a Bro to attend a women’s basketball game? Kansas State is intent on finding out the answer to

Kansas State Men’s Basketball Made a Perfect Shot-For-Shot Remake of the ‘Fresh Prince’ Intro

90's nostalgia alert! The Kansas State Wildcats remade the opening credits of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and it is perfect. 

Gronk Pounded Beers At Kansas State This Weekend, Loves To 69

Gronk had a pretty f*cking sweet weekend. 

Here’s How Oregon Scored a 1-Point Safety in the Fiesta Bowl

Learning about this rule was very exciting because it means a game could conceivably end with a 1-0 score. Look out, Vegas. I’m coming for

Oregon Will Wear These Badass Uniforms in the Fiesta Bowl

Oregon thinks it’s cute that every other team in the country is getting in on the gimmicky uniform game. They are anything but threatened.

Drunk Kansas State Fans Answer Today’s Debate: Which Candidate Would You Rather Tailgate With?

Today, millions of people will head to the polls to vote in the 57th straight Most Important Election of Your Life, picking between the man

Kansas State Football Players Aren’t Sure if West Virginia is a Real State or Not

If we don’t teach our children geography, all is lost. Well, maybe not. But this is still kind of pathetic.

Kansas State Mascot Willie the Wildcat Kicks a Small Child in the Face

Some Kansas State supporters paid for the school’s mascot, Willie the Wildcat, to show up at a kid’s birthday party. It didn’t go well.